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Green Beans With Corn |

This is one of the most common summer dishes in our culture and we adore it so much that many people put some green beans in deep freezer to cook in Winter. As we think that frozen vegetables lose their vitamin and taste, we don’t prefer it. To tell the truth, we tried it last summer in little amount, but we didn’t like its taste, and learnt that they don’t keep vitamins when frozen, so we decided not to freeze vegetables again.

Summer is back these days, so we are lucky enough to find green beans at our open market. Monday was the day of open market in our neighborhood, but as I had a lot of work at school, my husband had to do shopping alone. He hates shopping at open market alone, so I was wondering what he would buy. He is not a big fan of vegetables unlike me. I’m sure if he had to go to a butcher, he would be happier. Anyway, when I came home from work, I saw a very funny scene. He was stringing some green beans with a confused expression on his face. He said that he asked her mom how to cook green beans and he learnt that stringing is the first step. However, the beans were so fresh that he couldn’t find any string on beans. He didn’t know that this was perfect for beans. I must admit that he made me so happy by buying green beans. No need to mention how I felt when I saw him dealing with a cup of beans. I thought it was time for me to put my hands in the plough, and cooked a delicious dish.

Taze Fasulye

–    500g green beans, cleaned
–    1 onion, diced
–    2 tomatoes, diced
–    2 tsp salt
–    ½ tsp sugar (or ½ sugar cube)
–    3 tbsp olive oil while cooking
–    1 tbsp olive oil to drizzle on the dish when cooked

If the beans are too long, cut them in two or more pieces. Lay one line of beans in a pan ( I used a flat pan).
Add some of the diced onion on it and some tomatoes on onion.
Then lay the rest of the beans as another layer and the rest of onion and tomatoes on it. Sprinkle salt and sugar.
Then pour 3tbsp olive oil over them.
Cook it on medium heat for about 30 or 40  minutes.
When it is cooked drizzle 1tbsp olive on it. You’ll see adding olive oil as raw definitely enhances your dish.
You can serve it with pilaf and yogurt.

Green Beans |


This is a photo taken by my friend Özlem last weekend. I didn’t think that a photo of dandelion could be so impressive before seeing this. She took this photo at a park of our city. The weather in this city is so changeable that it may turn dark and rainy suddenly on a beautiful sunny day. You can see the dark clouds on the sky here. Dandelions always remind me of my childhood. We would pick a dandelion, make a wish and blow on this flower. If we could blow all of its hair at once, it meant our wish would turn real.


  1. Jason @ Jason's BBQ Adventures says

    That is some great look green beans!

  2. says

    Green beans, tomato and onions is a classical salad at my home. I’d like to add some mayo done with olives.

    Really a delicious veg dish for all the year :) no only in summer!


  3. says

    I put a recipe up for a green beans and tomato today, too. LOL. What a fun coincidence we’d be eating the same thing. Yours look delish!!

  4. says

    Gera- Mayo with olives must be a great touch. We generally add some yogurt on top. Green beans in any way is so delicious. And of course healthy.

    Jenn- What a nice coincidence! I’ve just checked out and yours looks fabulous! And I love the idea of adding cheese.

  5. says

    We eat a lot of green beans down here in Charleston, SC so I love reading about them.

    BTW, did you know that in parts of Europe, people drink dandelion tea? (It’s said to help regulate blood pressure.)

  6. says

    Unfortunately, Green Beans would not be the vegetable my husband would pick out to bring home, it’s not one of his favorites, though it is one of mine.

    I like your dandelion story. We blew the tops off of dandelions also.

  7. says

    These green beans look so delicious. I am always looking for new ways to cook them and this sounds perfect!

  8. says

    You and Jenn are definitely convincing me to make some green beans soon! My daughter has never even tried it but because her daddy said he didn’t like them she says she doesn’t like them either. I think I need to change that.

  9. EddieStarr says

    Great idea, this will be a fantastic summer dish to share at the family barbecue.

  10. Reeni says

    Green beans are on of my favorite veggies, this looks delicious! The dandelion picture is so pretty!

  11. says

    Your green bean variety looks flat – but tasty, the green beans I remember from my mother’s garden were round and plump and I used to sneak in and pick them and eat them like candy. I love the flavors and have made a recipe like this for a while, and it is always a favorite. Now I know summer is one its way!

  12. says

    Your beans look tender and delicious! That’s so funny that your husband couldn’t find the strings. He’ll know next time.

  13. says

    Hugging the coast- Never heard of dandelion tea! But I was sure that this flower has something beneficial for health.

    Diana- Why are most men so blind not to see or feel the delicious taste of vegetables??? There must be a solution to make them love these.

    Donna- Thanks for visiting my blog. And glad you like these beans.

    Jason- Thanks for visiting my blog. I love hearing people love green beans and other vegetables.

    Natasha- Maybe Jenn and I should invite your family for a dinner including green beans. I’m sure your daughter will loe it when she sees us eating green beans with a great appetite.:)

    EddieStarr- Thanks for visiting my blog. Green beans are always good idea for a family gathering.

    Sophie- I learnt it from mom, too. Mothers are the best!

    Oyster- I would eat them raw,too when we had a garden in my childhood. I would love to listen to its sound in my mouth:)

    Lisa- I’m sure he knows it now, but I’m not sure he would do this again.:)

  14. says

    Reeni- green beans are one of the healthiest veggies.

    Maya- Never tried asparagus with this method. But why not? It must be delicious.

  15. says

    How sweet that your husband went to market for you and even tried to get them ready! Your recipe looks delicious, as always and your friend’s photo of the dandelion makes it look like a tower! 😎


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