Grape Molasses with Tahini

Grape Molasses with Tahini

Doctors say that grape molasses has more nutritional  value than honey. They also point out that it has a big importance for pregnants, babies and children, as it is rich in calcium and potassium. It’s a great source of energy. Thay say that 200gr molasses is equal to 1550gr milk or 350gr meat in terms of calorie they contain.

Besides having a big effect on bone development (for children), it has also curative effects on anaemia, asthenia, debility.

Molasses is not made from just grapes, it is also made from fig and mulberry. They all have different flavor, but I love grape molasses the most.

In these cold Winter days, what we eat is as important as the ways of getting warm. In Turkey, although most parents try to persuade their children to eat some molasses especially in the morning before going to school, but generally they can not succeed. Children don’t want to eat it as they find it too dense and too sweet. However, there is a very easy method to have them eat this nutritive syrup: Mixing it with tahini!

When you put this grape molasse and tahini mixture before your children, they won’t refuse it, they can even want some more. Dipping a piece of bread into this mixture will make their breakfast indispensable. After eating grape molasses with tahini, when they go out even on a snowy day, they won’t feel the cold.

As we know how it is beneficial for our body, we often give the grape molesses and tahini mixture a priority in our breakfast.

Tahin Pekmez

•    ½ cup grape molasses
•    ¼ cup tahini (sesame paste)

Combine these two very well and eat by dipping bread into this mixture. Then you’ll never feel cold and become more healthy with a very natural energy source.

Grape Molasses with Tahini


  1. says

    I have never heard of all the different types of molasses. Now I want to go see if we have a specialty store that carries any of them!

  2. says

    Natasha – Thanks so much. I love it too.
    Joie de vivre, cakeness, Daily Spud,Vanessa, Jo and Tangled Noodle – Infact, molasses of grape is the most common and favorite one among the other types. I hope you can find it there. I wonder what molasses you have there.
    It will be really delicious on toast. You should certainly try it.

    Pigpigscorner – you know what to do know :)

  3. says

    Wow! This new to me. I never heard of it before. It will be interesting tasting it. Thanks for showing us this part of your cuisine.

  4. says

    I’ve never seen grape molasses but I love the flavor of blackstrap molasses. I’m going to give that a try with the tahini. Great recipe idea!

  5. says

    mely – I’m sure you’ll like it. I hope you can find grape molasses there.

    Maggie – I have no idea of blackstrap molasses, but tahini goes very well with this kind of “syrup”.

    Vanessa – No my friend, that’s not the same. You can search it as “pekmez”, that’s how we call it in Turkish.

  6. says

    Wow, that looks fantastic – I’m off to the market to pick up some grape molasses – I made need to do a post on different types of molasses. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Lea says

    Grape molasses is also known as “Musto,” “Pekmez,” and “Petimezi.” It can be found in Middle-Eastern markets. It is also delicious on yogurt and is used in baked goods.

    It is a very different taste from blackstrap molasses or American molasses. It is intensely sweet, yet tart all at the same time. Commercially made Musto is heavier than home made. Home made is not hard to do, just very time consuming. But well worth the effort!

  8. anasinio says

    hey guyz.
    molasses and tahini is very popular here in egypt . i’ve just had some 😀 . it’s awesome but it has a lot of calories , so dont over eat it if u dont practice regularly.

  9. Elaine Mack says

    This is wonderful. As a health conscious American newly arrived in Saudi Arabia, I was looking for a substitute for the blackstrap molasses I am accustomed to taking to keep my iron levels high. I think grape molasseswill be the answer. I’m going to buy some today. Thanks for the info.

  10. Debbie Cox says

    I just made grape molasses! I had never heard of it before today. A neighbor brought me a large box of concord grapes and I had already made plenty of grape jelly for this season and wondered what else I could do with it. I searched the internet and found that I could make this molasses by simply extracting the juice and adding sugar and then cooking until less than half the volume. I now have a large container of delicious molasses to bake with! Now I will purchase some tahini to go with it!

  11. pumpkinopolitan says

    While I’ve read your post quite some time back, I’ve never gotten the chance to try it till today. I did it with pomegranate molasses since thats what I had and it tasted really good dipping my flatbread into it! Definitely something I’ll make again next time! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. ali says

    I mad it yesterday and it is just amazing, it made me feel so strong and really hot, I think I ate too much of it and I couldn’t sleep, too much energy.
    Can I make some and store it? does it last if it is mixed with tahini for a long time? I just wonder If one can sell those and they can last for one year in a jar!! What do you think?

    • says

      Isn’t it perfect for cold days? Never stored it mixed before, we generally mix it right before eating. When you mix them and store in a jar, I guess tahini rises on the surface and molasses sinks after some time. You need to mix them again when you open the jar. I haven’t tried it though, maybe you can try and share your experience with us.

  13. Catherine says

    Zerrin, Bir yıl önce Amerika’dan Türkiye’ye taşındık (eşim Türk). Amerika’da en son yıllar çok az pişirmedim, genelde oradaki öğünlerimizi eşim pişiriyordu. Eşimin tıp okuması için Türkiye’ye geldik. Geçen yıl çalışmıyordum ve bunu sayesinde pişirmek için zamanım vardı. =) Bazı kurabiye ve kek tarifler için ‘brown sugar’ lazım ama Türkiye’de bulamam. Brown sugar, esmer/kahverengi şekeri değil – belki bilirsinizdir. Aksine ‘brown sugar’, cane molasses ve beyaz şekerden yapılmış bir şey. Evde kolay yapabilirki ama ‘cane molasses’ lazım.

    Bu tarifi için ‘cane molasses’ yerine üzüm pekmezi kullanabildiğini merak ediyorum… Kötü Türkçem için kusura bakmayın! Evde sadece İngilizce konuşuruz =/


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