Morning is the best part of the day for me and I love walking in the early morning. On the way to home, I generally buy something for breakfast. This morning I felt a very appetizing smell coming from a bakery and the image of gozleme just appeared in my mind. And I decided to buy the ingredients of it to cook gozleme for breakfast. Since I didn’t want to buy it from the bakery. It would be the easy way, so I prefered to make it at home and give its recipe here.

Gozleme is one of the most common pastries in Turkey. There are several places just serving gozleme and ayran (as a drink) together. Especially along the roads to touristic places such as Bodrum, İzmir, Antalya, Mersin there are small places (even tents) where a few women continually make gozleme. In summers, when foreign tourists come here, they mostly prefer it.  You can also make it at home as it is very easy.


•    2 sheets phyllo pastry
•    1 cup curd or any cheese you like
•    Half bunch of parsley, chopped
•    1 tsp red pepper flakes

Put curd, chopped parsley and red pepper flakes in a bowl and mix them with a spoon.

Cut the phyllo pastry sheets into half, so you have 4 pieces.

Get one of the phyllo pieces and put some curd mixture in it. 2 tbsp will be enough, if you put too much, it will be hard to fold the phyllo pastry. After putting enough curd, fold the pastry from its sides. And dampen your finger a little and stick the last fold by pressing on it gently. Do the sam efor other pieces.

Put a non stick pan on medium heat. Some people put oil in it, but as I love it light, I make it without oil. When it gets hot enough, place the folded phyllo pastries in the pan and cook them turning over occasionally. I put two pieces in my pan, if you have a larger one, you can put four pieces at one time. When they have brown spots on both sides (as you see in the picture), they are cooked.  While cooking gozleme in your pan, you can also brew tea in a teapot on low heat. You can serve it with a cup of tea (especially for breakfast) or ayran.



  1. Kim says

    Who gave this recipe for gazleme – nothing like traditional recipe – never has gozleme been made from phylll pastry

  2. says

    Kim- As you said, this is not a traditional way of making gozleme. We may not have enough time to make its dough and rolling it out every time. Then I prefer this easy way. Also, again traditionally, it is not cooked in a non stick pan but it is cooked on a large hot plate on wood fire, and that gozleme is much more oily than mine. Hope I’ll take a picture of that traditional way and tell about it more later.

  3. Fire Queen says

    Yes. I, like Natasha, love this dish. I know that this is not the traditional recipe, but it is easy to make and tastes good.

  4. Fire Queen says

    This is an easy dish to make, and it tastes good. I, when I cant sleep, make myself one of these, and it always makes me relaxed.


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