Garlic Prices Soar In Turkey

Garlic Prices Soar In Turkey |

The prices of local garlic and imported garlic in Turkey have surprisingly become so close to each other.

Local garlic costs 9 TL while the imported one costs 10 TL.

It is reported from Antalya, which is the central growth area of garlic in Turkey, that growers can’t make money this year because of a disease infecting garlic.

Because garlic producers couldn’t earn a satisfying amount of money last year, and the price was too low, garlic planting isn’t sufficient this year. Besides, blight and mildew have appeared on the crop.

The yearly amount of crop is normally around 20 tons while it is around 10 tons this year, which leads to high price. While the price of first class garlic was 3TL last year, it is 7TL or more this year.

There is a good news for next year despite this. It is said that Turkey will not need to import garlic next year as garlic will be grown in various regions of country. One of these regions is the Southeast of Turkey and the amount of garlic to be harvested just from this area next year is expected to be around 20 tons.

Another reason of this expected improvement in Turkey’s garlic production is the change in garlic seeds, which increases the production by 100%.  According to a further explanation, Turkey will also become a garlic exporter in a few years thanks to these changes.

I definitely feel happy to hear this news as garlic is one of my favorite ingredients I can’t live without. No need to mention its benefits for health.


  1. Gloria in Western Canada says

    In North America most of the garlic sold in stores comes from the Gilroy California area. In my province of Manitoba Canada, only select stores here with relationships with growers offer local garlic, or you can find it at farmer markets. The imported stuff is sold by the pound and is relatively inexpensive (I don’t even look at the price). Local grown will sell for $1 or $1.50 per head. I grew my own successfully this year after years of trying and failing. I saw a program about Gilroy and they have the perfect climate because once they get the cloves in the ground they get April rain and then it is dry until harvest. Turns out I was over-watering mine so this year it only got what fell from the sky and I just used my last clove the other day.

    • says

      Growing your own garlic sounds fantastic! I love them fresh! Thank you for sharing the prices in your area. The prices I’ve given in this post is per kilo. And when compared to last year, it’s absolutely high.

  2. Beki says


    You should really try growing your own. the weather in y our area should be close to perfect. If you have roses, they would do well planted with them as they are what is called companion plants. I bought starts of an Italian varietal and a plain old “normal” garlic. My heads came out small, but I live in a climate that is fairly wet. I grew up in Southern Nevada and there it grew like gangbusters.

  3. says

    I agree! I can’t live without garlic. It tastes amazing, and it is so good for you! Thankfully my sweet husband is growing some in our backyard. Thanks for sharing, my friend!


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