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Funny Food Names |

After reading the news about cigarette borek, I decided to share some more funny food names with you. Most of them got that name due to how they look, which makes their names funny or weird. I don’t know the stories behind all these names, but I do love them. Some of the names refer to females, so you might think they promote gender discrimination- might be another reason for name change. Most of these are from Ottoman cuisine, which means they are eaten by sultans and their cooks were male. Then it becomes no surprising to have these names.

The first one is a bit different as its history doesn’t go that back- just a few decades. You see the candies above. People always have these candies in religious bayrams besides other kinds of candies, chocolate or dessert. So what is the funny food name here? They are called Zeki Muren gobegi -Zeki Muren’s belly button. Yes, you’ve heard right, belly button! Zeki Muren was a famous singer here and I don’t have a single idea about the relationship between these candies and him. Okay, the candies look like belly button, but how on earth are they called with the name of a singer?

Here are some more funny food names from Turkish cuisine:

Imambayildi– imam fainted: You already know this if you are following my blog for a while. You can see the recipe here.

Hanım gobegi– lady’s belly: A kind of dessert made from fried dough and syrup. You can see a picture of it here. Typical Turkish men used to love plump women, that’s why this dessert is not small and thin. I don’t think women would like to have such a belly these days!

Dilber dudagi– attractive woman’s lips: Another dessert from the same fried dough. Its name is different just because its shape. You can see a picture here. You see how full these lips are!

Vezir parmagi– vizier’s finger: Dessert from the same fried dough with a different shape. You can see a picture here.    It just looks like a finger, but not a thin one.

Kadin budu kofte– woman thigh kofte: This is a kofte with mince, rice and spices. It is first covered with egg and flour and then fried, generally served with fried potatoes. See it here. Do you think they look like thighs?

Ali nazik– Ali the gentleman: A kind of mezze or appetizer. Lamb meat is topped on a mixture of grilled and mashed eggplant and strained yogurt. See it here. One of my favorite mezzes! It must have been cooked by a man named Ali who was so kind.

Anali kizli– moms and daughters together: A traditional dish containing stuffed bulgur kofte and smaller bulgur balls togerther. Big stuffed balls are moms and small balls are daughters. Picture here.

Sutlu nuriye– nuriye with milk: Very similar to our baklava, just with a milk topping. Nuriye is a Turkish female name, so you make up its story!

Gavurdagi salatası– Infidel’s Mountain Salad: You know shepherd’s salad, a mixture of chopped tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion. This one additionally has crumbled walnut. No idea why it’s called so.

Kol boregi– arm borek: A borek with various fillings. It is placed in tray in a traditional way, rounding around itself. See picture here.

Papaz yahnisi- priest’s stew: This is a stew with beef and shallots.

Do you have such funny food names in your cuisine?


  1. says

    I’ve learned a few new ones here that I’d never heard of before. Love the name of the candies at the top. I wonder if the singer is happy with the name of them? :)

    • says

      He is still a very respected singer around the country. He passed away years ago and I’m not sure if this name was given to these candies before or after his death. Maybe he used to love these candies so much and thatt’s why the candies are called with his name.

  2. says

    Great names. I’m sure there are some crazy named foods here in the states, too…I made cheesehead chicken last night…named after my family’s favorite football team :)

  3. FARIBA says

    merhaba,Zerrin I am Iran azeri turk .I love all turkish dishes and try to learn all recipes . I think you have forgotten to mention EZOGELIN CORBASI which we love so much ,here!

    • says

      Thank you for reminding that great soup! Let me explain the name for others. ‘Gelin’ means bride and we use this word even when adressing to brides. ‘Ezo’ is the name of the bride. ‘Corba’ means soup. So ezogelin corbasi means the soup made by the bride named Ezo. This is a soup which is very similar to red lentil soup, with some more additions.I must share its recipe soon.

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