Frozen Stuffed Bulgur Kofte

stuffed bulgur kofte1

This is not a very easy dish, and not everyone can make it successfully! It is a special dish from the South of Turkey. You make a bulgur dough first and stuff bulgur balls with a mixture of mince,onion,walnut and spices. I can even eat this filling as is!  We two love it much, but can hardly ever make it as it takes a long time, especially if you are not an expert on it. However, it has no difference from other dishes in terms of difficulty and duration for mom. She has mastered on it! She can easily make it in about 1 hour or less. I believe this is something related to experience and talent.

So it was a surprising gift from mom! She was here a couple of weeks ago and already made her best to make us fatter with lots of scrumptious dishes except stuffed bulgur koftes. I thought so, but I was completely wrong! When I got home from work the other day, I was just trying to find what to cook for dinner and I saw these frozen koftes in the freezer! You can imagine that it was like I found treasure! You might ask “How come you didn’t know what you had in your freezer?” I can simply say that I just didn’t need anything there. When mom visits us, she always takes the responsibility of cooking and helps me get some rest after work in this way. So she made these and put in the freezer in small plastic bags. Instead of cooking them when she was here, she wanted to surprise us by hiding them there. There are still four bags each contaning 6 koftes! I’m so thankful to her for everything she does for us!

I wrote about stuffed bulgur kofte before, you can read that post and its recipe here. You can even find its video there! If you are planning to freeze these, just put them in the freezer on a tray and then into plastic bags when they are frozen. Otherwise they could deform.


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      She really is! That’s interesting but we don’t have it frozen at markets. They sell it at mezze section, but they are too tough! I LOVE mom:)

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