Fresh Chickpeas

Fresh Chickpeas |

Fresh green chickpeas were one of the best snacks of my childhood. Grandpa would bring bunches of fresh chickpeas  to me and my brother from village. As its green leaves are so small and fall down easily, mom would tell us to enjoy these yummy chickpeas on the balcony or in the yard so that we wouldn’t mess home up. It was so fun to pop chickpeas out of their pods and throw into our mouth. We would love that salty flavor of pods and leaves, so we would lick our fingers, too! We obviously had a method not to miss any of chickpeas hidden in its bunch. We would start to eat from one side of the bunch, and then turn it over and go on with the other side. Finally we would dig into the bunch until we were sure there was no left.

Fresh Chickpeas |
Not everyone knows fresh chickpeas, especially people in big cities might have never heard of it maybe because these are not sold at super markets. Season of fresh chickpeas is very short, you can see them just at the beginning of summer. They are either sold at farmers market (still not in all cities) or by a villager on the corner of a street. It is not easy to reach fresh chickpeas every time, so if you see them, don’t hesitate to buy a few bunches. You can keep them in refrigerator with their bunches a few days.

I was thrilled when I saw them at our local bazaar the other day. An old villager was selling them and he was the only one having fresh chickpeas on his stand. They were cheap too, 1 Lira for each. Hubby got so excited when I came home with fresh chickpeas. He hadn’t been as happy about a product I bought for a long time. I’m looking forward to buying more bunches next week. Hope that villager is there on the next bazaar day.


  1. OysterCulture says

    I’d seen these in our local market but have not tried them yet. You have me excited about checking them out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    I have to confess, I’m one of those people who has never seen them fresh. I’m surprised to see they are green, or is that just because they’re not quite ripe yet? Do they taste different this way?? Now I’m very curious. :)

    • says

      Actually, they are ripe enough to eat. They are soft and they have a great flavor, which they lose when dried. You must try it if you see them anywhere. Chickpeas are picked in this form and then dried under sun. The ones we use for cooking are these dried ones.

  3. Erol says

    Thats funny, I don’t live in Turkey but I have tried these excellent morsel snacks many times. I urge everyone to try them. I believe i have found them on several occasions, near Cinarcik in the Marmara area as I recall. I have to admit it has been awhile since I did find them on the side of the road sold by farmers. I also believe I found them in Ayvalik awhile back, not sure but we are talking several years back.

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