Foods That Help You Keep Fit

Foods That Help You Keep Fit |

Doing exercise is the key factor to keep fit. It’s not enough though unless it is supported by right foods. You can strengthen your body and muscles during your exercise with the help of right foods. So what are these right foods?

Ginger: If you have pains after exercising, ginger is the best food to help you. Ginger reduces pains after exercise and it also works fine for swelling if you hurt a part of your body when exercising. You can cut a cube of fresh ginger and drop it into your herbal tea. You will love the flavor it adds to your tea. You can also mix a little grated ginger with lemonade.

Oatmeal: Carbohydrates are the best food source to strengthen muscles as they provide the necessary energy for muscles with the help of glucose. However, not all carbohydrates are at the same energy level. Wholemeals balance blood sugar and make you feel more energetic throughout your exercise. And oatmeal, which also protects immune system, will be the right choice for this. You  can have your oatmeal with raisins or berries and milk right before exercising.

Coffee: Coffee reduces muscle pains, so having a cup of coffee before going to gym helps you do exercise longer. However, don’t forget that coffee doesn’t meet the need of water for your body, so make sure you have enough amount of water each day.

Mussel: It contains high amount of iron. Women can meet 20% of their daily iron need with 6 mussels while this rate is 50% for men with the same number of mussels. When your muscles are working, they may not have enough oxygen, which leads to tiredness. Mussels help your muscles in such a case.

Almond: Doing exercise more often means damaging the free radicals in body (such as sun rays, polluted air and cigarette) more effectively. Antioxidant sources such as vitamin E protects body from harmful free radicals and almond is a great source of vitamin E. 10-15 almonds a day will be highly protective for your body.

Low-fat cheese or milk: Muscles need protein to renew themselves after exercise. Low-fat cheese or milk are perfect for this. You can pair them with a source of carbohydrate to strengthen your muscles.

Tomato juice: When you run or cycle for at least an hour, you lose not only calories and water, but also sodium and potassium, which are vital electrolytes in body. You can replace them with tomato juice, which contains high amounts of sodium and potassium. It is also a great antioxidant. You can mix it with water or mineral water.


  1. Gloria in Western Canada says

    Great post Zerrin. I”ll no longer view mussels as an indulgence. They are a requirement! And thankfully here in Canada the ones from Prince Edward Island are usually very reasonably priced. Now I”ll serve them with some kind of ginger spicing and they’ll be doubly good for me.

  2. says

    Thanks for those useful tips, Zerrin!

    I am working out a lotlately, so this is very useful too!


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