First Cherries Of The Year

First Cherries Of The Year |

First cherries of the year cost 50 Turkish Liras ($30) per kilo!

Very early cherries are offered for sale in Kemalpasa (Izmir), one of cherry production and export centers in Turkey. It is very pricy though.

Yearly amount of cherry production in Kemalpasa is about 60 thousand tons and the harvest has started there. It is reported that first fruits will be sold at domestic markets, and then cherry export will start.

Producers stated that that they expect a great cherry season this year. They said that they had some local problems because of cool weather conditions, and they started to harvest 20 days later than expected. However, their expectation about cherry export is still high. “Cherry export will not be lower than 25 thousand tons”, they said.

It is also stated that there is another early cherry type, which is sold for a price between 13TL and 20TL. Producers said that these prices will go down by the time harvest increases.

We are now looking forward to the days when these red beauties are cheap enough to buy!


  1. Ity Tiwari says

    the chickpea recipe sounds great, will try soon. its so easy too.

  2. says

    The cherries are gorgeous, I hope their price goes down soon though!

    I can’t wait for cherry season here!

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