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We all know the importance of eating from each food group in proper amounts. However, some certain foods are more significant for women as they are female friendly. Surveys show that certain foods have a great effect on reducing the risk of diseases like osteoporosis, uterine cancer, breast cancer and heart disease and on reducing menopause problems.

Here are the female friendly foods we, as women, should definitely include in our diet.

Walnut: Eating 10 walnuts a day reduces the risk of  osteoporosis and is protective against breast cancer. It contains phytosterol  and omega 3 fatty acid, which are known to slow the growth of tumour.

Chickpea: It balances the estrogen hormone and it helps you overcome menopause period. It is very rich in fiber, so it protects you from constipation and vein thrombosis. Also, it has a protective effect against breast cancer.

Tomato: This is the vegetable we have most. We add it ro several vegetable dishes and salads. Tomato is rich in lycopene, which has a protective effect against uterine cancer and breast cancer. To increase the effect of  lycopene, make sure you cook tomato or drizzle little olive oil on it.

Flaxseed: It is very rich in three significant nutrients; omega 3 fatty acid, fiber and lignan. Lignans are compounds with protective effects agains many diseases. It will be enough for you to have 1 or 2 tbsp flaxseed daily  and you have balanced cholesterol level. It also reduces menopause stress, prevents breast cancer and constipation. You can have flaxseed by adding it in your salads, breads or soups.

Anchovy or Salmon: Omega 3 fatty acid is so important for women as it helps improvement of nerve system and brain of baby during pregnancy. It even increases the quality of breastmilk and helps women overcome the stress after birth. This super fatty acid also regulates period and strengthen bones by increasing estrogen hormone. Considering all these benefits, you should have anchovy or salmon at least once a week.

Spinach: This is another female friendly food. This green herb is rich in iron, iodine, calcium, folic acid, vitamins A, C and K. Folic acid protects baby from a disease called spina bifida during pregnancy and it reduces the risk of alzheimer at older ages. Spinach prevents sight disorders depending on aging and also protective against liver and stomach cancers. It both protects bones and reduces edema problems during menopause. In addition to these, it reduces varicose veins as it hastens bloodstream.

Yogurt and Kefir: They help digestion system and prevents stomach problems. They also stop harmful bacteria reproduction and help intestines work properly. They are protective against colorectal cancer and help reducing the level of cholesterol.

Cauliflower: It is female friendly too as it contains ferulic acid, which is protective against breast cancer and protects body from bacteria and viruses. Cauliflower also cleans body from edemas during period and menopause and removes heavy metals from body. Add its green leaves in your dishes too.


  1. says

    OK, I admit, I could use more flax seed and chickpeas and i guess I need to ease up on the dark chocolate.

  2. Elena says

    I like to eat walnuts I add some pieces of mango of peach and one spoon of honey and this is my afternoon snack.

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