Feast Of Sacrifice Break

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We were away for Feast Of Sacrifice (Kurban Bayrami) last week. We went to my hometown, Tarsus to spend the holiday with my parents. It was a great week for all of us as we did many activities together including visiting tourist attractions nearby, so it was a short vacation too. You can guess we had many delicious foods there begining from the first dinner together. Mom had asked if we wanted anything special from her before we hit the trail. We both cried “stuffed cabbage rolls!” We knew we would eat meat the whole week, so why not start with a vegetarian dish? Mom added red lentil soup, cacik and pickles to the menu. It was of course a perfect welcome to us! I have always loved this family meetings.

We also had a chance of visiting my best friend and her husband who are living in Adana, 40 minutes away from Tarsus. When you mention Adana, anyone in Turkey can guess that you are going to mention Adana Kebab, too. Our friends took us to a great restaurant for lunch. I must say that everything was so yummy that we didn’t want to leave! Wish we had larger stomachs!

Adana is famous for its kebab, that’s why this kebab is named so. Adana kebab is made from hand-minced meat which contains a large amount of tail fat, which I must admit, makes the kebab that scrumptious! It is placed on wide iron skewers and grilled over charcoals. As you see it above, it is a long kebab served on pide or lavash bread with roasted tomatoes and green peppers on the same plate.

Adana Kebab | giverecipe.comWhen you order Adana kebab at an Adana keabab restaurant, they don’t bring just the kebab, they serve lots of appetizers without being asked for! All of them are free! It is like they are keeping you busy with eating these saying “yum yum” while they are preparing the kebab. They bring your kebab even before you finish all appetizers on the table. Fortunately they leave the leftover appetizers on the table so that you can continue satisfying your taste buds with doubled or tripled pleasure!

I will share the appetizers you see in the picture and more in future posts. Hope you can wait until then!


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    It all looks amazing. Adana kebab is the first thing I order on any menu but I would LOVE to eat that kebab in Adana! Glad you enjoyed your Bayram break.

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      Julia, I bet you would get addicted to Adana kebab made in Adana. You must go there one day to try regional foods, they are all addictive!

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    Looks wonderful and I can’t wait to try more recipes! My little girl’s aunt brought some sumac and some dried mint from her recent visit to Tarsus. The mint is so nice I am not sure where I’ll find any like it. I don’t use the sumac much, but it is so much more of a vibrant red than what I have bought here.

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      My aunt gave me dried mint when we visited her during Bayram. I love to use it in soups and sometimes I add a little to salads. You know what? Mom gave me a large bag of sumac. She bought it for a much cheaper price and it has definitely a bright color unlike the market versions here. Sumac is originally grown in that area, that’s why the best sumac is there. You are so lucky to have the chance of trying these spices from their original areas.


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