Eat Two Kiwis A Day

Eat Two Kiwis A Day |

Agricultural experts have stated the important role of kiwi fruit on health. This refreshing fruit is said to be the richest one among all fresh fruits in terms of what it contains. Kiwi fruit contains vitamins C, E and high amounts of potassium and magnesium, so kiwi, which can meet the nutritional value our body needs, is a unique fruit.

It is stated that the substance called serotonin existing in it reduces stress and the substance inositol in it helps you overcome depression. Moreover, this magical fruit can balance blood sugar, which is good for diabetics.

With the coming winter, people are in more need of vitamin C to be protected from flu, and kiwi fruit is a very strong shield against this illness. As it naturally has laxative effects, doctors also advise this fruit to patients confined to bed as it both helps them resist to diseases and fights against constipation.

Recent researches have revealed that eating two kiwi fruit a day reduces the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the level of good cholesterol (HDL). Kiwi fruits is low in calories, so people can feel free to have it to keep fit and to regain the electrolytes they lose as a result of perspiration or after doing sport.

It is also expressed that kiwi production around the world has increased 600 times in 40 years, which shows that there is a big demand on it. however, kiwi fruit started to appear at markets in Turkey about 20 years ago, so it is still not well known in Turkey. Kiwi is not a kind of fruit that can be eaten just after it is picked. It must be waited to reach its ripeness. Experts recommend people to buy hard ones from the market and bring the fruit to its ripeness at home. They also give the method we need for this. Put about 10 kiwi fruit in a plastic bag with 2 ripe apples, wait it 4 days at room temperature, and you will see they get ripe enough.

If you want to buy them ripe from markets, then there are some tips for this. Pick the ones as soft as lemon. Do not buy overripe ones as they both lose flavor and might have bad effects on health.

On the other hand, some people might be allergic to kiwi fruit. If one’s lips get sore or if he feels his eyes or nose itching when he eats kiwi fruit, he had better have an alergy test.


  1. says

    I had no idea that kiwi had so many health benefits, thanks for sharing them, Zerrin! I generally don’t eat much kiwi, since it makes my throat feel scratchy. I have no idea if I’m actually allergic though, I really should get tested! :)

  2. RavieNomNoms says

    I have no idea Kiwi was so nutritional! Thanks for all the great info!

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing the kiwi healthy benefits. I don’t like that kiwi make me feel scratchy on my throat, too. But when we make dessert with it… it’s amazing :)

  4. says

    It’s a good thing I love kiwi!! You know, I was eyeballing a fruit tray at the store the other day and I wondered if kiwi has many nutritional benefits. You definitely answered that question! I’ll have to stock up more on this little things.

  5. says

    Ryan- We should definitely eat more!

    Faith- I made a quick research and found out that feeling your throat scratchy is another symptom of kiwi allergy. So maybe it’s good that ypu don’t eat it much.

    Ravienomnoms- Eating kiwi absolutely helps our body, so we should eat it more.

    Tes- You might be allergic to it if you feel your throat scratchy, so be careful when eating it.

    briarrose- I agree, I don’t like peeling it, either. It would be great if there was a special tool for it.

    Dionne Baldwin- Glad to hear that! So you already help your body. We should absolutely eat this magical fruit more.

  6. says

    I love kiwi fruits. I’ve heard they have more vitamin C than oranges, so definitely something to eat at this time of year.

  7. Amanda says

    I have a method for eating kiwis that doesn’t require peeling: Cut it in half and then run a spoon along the inside of the peel of each of the halves. The inside just pops out! Then I can cut it up or eat the whole half.
    There are many tutorials on if my explanation doesn’t do it for you.

  8. says

    We adore kiwis…especially in smoothies! It was great to learn about all of the nutritional benefits. Thank you for sharing, love. I hope you are having a relaxing Wednesday night!

  9. says

    Had a super soft, sweet kiwi this morning, then this evening’s kiwi was hard and tart. Not so fun. :) Good to know they are great for your health though!

  10. says

    I love kiwi. Heck, I love just about every fruit. Getting Dudette to eat them is another question. This one might work though. It’s a good balance of sweet and tart. Thanks for the info.

  11. says

    Çok severim, çok tüketirim. Yazdığın gibi lezzetinden daha çok faydaları için tercih ederim. Daha dün aldım, bizim burada tanesi 1 lira 20 kuruş desem… İhtiyacı olan birçok insanın ulaşamayacağı bir fiyatta. Artık burada yetiştiriliyor, daha ucuzlayacak diye beklerken fiyatı daha da arttı sanki.
    Güzel paylaşımın için teşekkürler Zerrincim.

  12. says

    Great advice! I always forget how delicious kiwis are and don’t always pick them up at the market, but this is a great reminder!

  13. says

    I didn’t know that kiwi had so many health benefits either. They look so pretty in salads and desserts, and now I know that they’re good for you:)

  14. Laura says

    Thanks for the info! I’ve been eating at least one (if not two) kiwi a day lately since I got that big carton from Costco. I’ve always loved kiwis, and I love the skin too! (I just cut off the ends and eat, no peeling or scooping which makes it a lot easier!)

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