Eat These To Avoid Disease

Eat These To Avoid Disease |

Do you get sick very often? Do you have a weak body? Would you like to learn some tips to avoid disease? It’s very important to care our body before we get sick, not after it. Also, you may not need medicine for minor diseases. There are some foods that help you avoid disease, so if you have enough of these, you may not have to use medicine. You will have these foods as medicine after reading their health benefits.

Cinnamon: This nice scented spice helps balance blood sugar. You can use it in your dishes or in your herbal teas.

Apple: An apple a day helps you lose weight! It is a rich source of pecktin  which is soluble fiber. Pectin decrases solubility of sugar, so this helps you feel full longer.

Corn: It is a great source of biotin and increases keratin production, which is vital for health hair and nails.

Water melon: It contains high amount of vitamin B6, which gives you energy.

Damson: It contains thrombin, which helps blood coagulation.Also, it helps treatment of venous congestion.

Broccoli: It decreases the risk of breast cancer as it contains a natural chemical called indole-3-carbinol, which helps prevent the growth of cancerous tumors.This chemical also decreases triglyceride level.

Avocado: It is full of healthy fat and omega 9, so it helps lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.

Chives: It helps relieve arteries and lower blood pressure.

Involve these foods in your diet to avoid disease!


  1. says

    Cinnamon in coffee too! I eat all of these, except maybe damson. I don’t think I know what this is.

    Ahh, plums. I eat those too.

  2. says

    Excellent information!! We use cinnamon often and I continue to preach its health benefits, but I’m loving learning how good apples are for you. I guess the mantra is correct!

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