Eat Raw Garlic

Eat Raw Garlic |

It is always recommended that we should have garlic in our diet, once a day if possible as it has anti-bacterial effect. For maximum benefit from garlic, it is said that raw garlic is better than cooked and even better if mashed and waited for 10 minutes.

Also, dried garlic contains a sunbstance called Kyolic, which reduces the growing speed of cancer cells by 70%. And the risk of stomach cancer for those who eat garlic is 50% lower than those who don’t. When eaten regularly, garlic is said to reduce the risk of rectum cancer. It is proved that garlic has both protective and curative effects against cancer.

Other benefits of garlic:
It strengthens hear and immune system.
It helps digestion.
It reduces cholesterol and prevents blood clots.
It slows down cell aging.
It reduces harmful effects of smoking.
It prevents toxic effects.
It regulates blood stream, blood pressure and nerve system.
It has curative effects agaisnt rheumatism and lung diseases.
It speeds up renewing brain cells.
It prevents hair loss.
It helps diabetes and AIDS treatments.


  1. Gloria in Western Canada says

    “It prevents hair loss.” Haha. I’ve often said I should have met the bf earlier. I’m the one who turned him on to garlic but a bit late for his hairline. Thanks for sharing this info Zerrin.

  2. Vlada says

    Nice info on garlic benefits – sounds like you are a garlic lover just like I am. A I have all website dedicated to garlic - Also I really like your Tavuk Dolma recipe, definitely will try it.

  3. says

    I have always been a fan of garlic, but I had no idea it had so many health benefits. I am going to feel less guilty about my garlic breath now. Thanks for sharing with me tonight. I hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow. The weekend is almost here! Hugs from Austin.

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