Easy Dessert

Easy Dessert

I went to the market this afternoon just to buy a few vegetables. But when I saw colorful and fresh fruits on the shelf, I couldn’t help thinking on a fruit dessert. However, I was so tired that I wouldn’t make something that is long to prepare. But I want to make something for my best friend coming from a city too far to us. As a result, when I finished shopping, my hands were full of bags with fruits.

I decided to prepare something very easy. This would be a surprise for my best friend as she loves tropical fruits and ice cream. I thought she would adore it if I served them together. If you love these two things like her, this recipe is just for you.

Kolay Tatli

•    1 big slice of pineapple
•    4 slices of kiwi
•    1 banana, chopped
•    ½ apple, chopped
•    2 slices of orange
•    3 scoops ice cream
•    1 tbsp cream
•    ½ tbsp chocolate sauce
•    Pounded almond

First put the pineapple in the shape of a circle on a plate. Do not forget to squeeze the shell of it not waste its juice, the most vitaminde part of this fruit. Then place the other fruits according to your wish. On the top, put ice cream and cover the fruits with cream. Then pour chocolate sauce on it and finally sprinkle some almonds.

My friend loved it. This is the easiest way of making someone happy.

For me, it’s too rich with all of these ingredients, but if you like these things like my friend, you’ll love this.


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