Easy Banana Split

Easy and healthy banana split with greek yogurt| giverecipe.com | #banana #dessert #bananasplit #greekyogurt

Do you remember the last time you had banana split? Although it is one of those so easy and classic desserts, it is not made or served very often here. I really don’t know why. Is it the same in your home? What made me remember this easy peasy dessert is my 7-month-old son’s favorite dessert. I mash a ripe banana, mix it with yogurt and he loves it! I just visualized the recipe of this banana split when preparing his banana yogurt the other day. It was super yummy and so healthy because it doesn’t contain any heavy cream or ice cream and I will absolutely be making this easy banana split more often.Easy and healthy banana split | giverecipe.com | #banana #dessert #bananasplit #greekyogurt

Classic banana split is made with ice cream, but I wanted to replace it with Greek yogurt to make a healthier version. When you are having freezing days, but still craving for a yummy banana split, you become creative, right? I wasn’t sure about the result when making this healthy dessert, so I was quite amazed when tasting it. It was so tasty! As tasty as the one with ice cream! I think I will make this one in summer too.

A classic banana split has three scoops of ice cream between two banana halves, so I used three scoops of Greek yogurt. Two of them are plain and one of them is mixed with mashed banana. It looks like flavored ice cream this way and it tastes really good!

Easy and healthy banana split | giverecipe.com | #banana #dessert #bananasplit #greekyogurt

Topping on a banana split is endless, but I thought I should use raspberry jam to sweeten the yogurt a little. The amount depends on how much sweet you want in your easy and healthy dessert. I added some chopped pineapples too and they gave a nice refreshment. Finally, a little chocolate sauce won’t hurt anyone, but you can leave it out if you are on a diet.

This is such a delicious banana split that you can even have it at breakfast. I think it makes a perfect breakfast since it’s like a fruit salad with yogurt and jam.

Make sure your banana is not too ripe, it must be firm enough. Otherwise, you can’t split it well.

I saw Heidi’s lovely Chocolate Covered Bana Split Bites at pinterest and loved the idea! I’m planning to make these bites as soon as strawberries are in season here.

Easy and healthy banana split | giverecipe.com | #banana #dessert #bananasplit #greekyogurt

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Easy Banana Split
Prep time
Total time
Easy and healthy banana split with greek yogurt.
Serves: 1
  • 1 banana
  • ½ banana, mashed
  • 3 scoops greek yogurt
  • ½ cup chopped pineapple
  • 2 tbsp raspberry jam
  • 1 tbsp chocolate sauce, optional
  • Rolled wafers for garnish
  1. Peel and split the banana lengthwise.
  2. Place the banana halves in a boat shape bowl.
  3. Mix one scoop of greek yogurt with mashed banana and wait it in freezer for 10 minutes so that it gets firm enough.
  4. Put all three scoops of yogurt in the middle of banana halves.
  5. Add chopped pineapple on them.
  6. Drizzle jam and chocolate sauce over it.
  7. Place rolled wafers on yogurt dollops.
  8. Wait it in refrigerator for 30 minutes to make it a sweet cold treat in summer.


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