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This recipe is from Ozlem, one of my friends from school. It was last year when I had the chance of eating this yummy sweet thing. She invited us (hubby and me) to her home for watching a movie together. This would be our first visit, so we didn’t want to go there with empty hands ( This is a Turkish expression that means ‘without a gift’). We thought that it would be great if we had something sweet while watching the film, so we bought sobiyet (one of the Turkish traditional desserts) on the way to her home.

A few hours before we left home, she called and told us not to go there with full stomachs. This means that she would cook something for us. In our culture, it’s a sign of politeness to say that you will prepare some foods for someone indirectly and you just say “Do come hungry!” or “Don’t eat anything before coming”, something like that. As a response, you are generally supposed to say “Please do not tire yourself, we can cook something quick together as we want to spend time with you, the food is not so important”, something with this meaning. It is again a sign of politeness. However, I’m sure people get curious about the foods they will meet as soon as they hear the first kind of expression. I love this implicit dialogue between host and guests. Then it’s like a surprise for you to see the foods prepared by the host.

We were fascinated by the tempting smells coming from the kitchen by the time she opened the door. She is a sincere friend with a very nice smile, so she made us feel comfortable as if we were at our own home. She welcomed us to her kitchen and it was a great surprise for us to see several amazing foods on the table all of which served very well to our eyes. And luckily there was a lot of room for these foods in our stomachs. Again for the sake of politeness, we said “ It’s very kind of you, but you needn’t have prepared all these. We could have a simple breakfast together and that would be enough for us”. Of course three of us knew that nothing would stop us eating those well prepared dishes. Do you wonder what she prepared for us?


A kind of fried dough pieces.


Dark and cute cookies.


A tasty potato salad.


And a different, yummy apple pie, which is unforgettable for me. It was much more yummy than  it looked. I couldn’t miss that opportunity of learning a new recipe of a dessert of course. She generously shared the recipe with me. And I’ve made it several times since then.

We had great time together eating these delicious beauties and watching the movie Valkyrie. At the end of the night, just when we were leaving, she sighed “Wait! I forgot to serve the fruit cake I made! It was in the oven and completely got out of my mind!”

Different from her original recipe, I changed the type of the biscuits in its ingredients and also I added walnuts. She used plain tea biscuits, but I used a kind of digestive biscuits this time. I think mixing these two types of biscuits would be great, too. You can use any kind of sweet biscuits that are like crackers.

Elmalı Kolay Pay

–    2 packages digestive biscuits
–    4 apples
–    5 tbsp sugar
–    2 tsp cinnamon
–    ¼ cup crumbled walnuts
–    1 package (150g) of whipped topping
–    1 cup of milk
–    Pistachio and mint leaves for garnish

Crumble the biscuits in a bowl.

Peel and grate the apples. Saute them in a pan, add sugar and cinnamon and stir occasionaly. Cook them until they are not juicy anymore, about 15-20 min. Toss the crumbled walnuts and mix them all.

Wet the bottom of a glass pie tray so that you can take the slices from the tray easily. Put some crumbled biscuits at the bottom as the first layer, then spread the apple mixture on this layer. Mix it gently. Then pour the rest of the biscuits as the third layer and the rest of the apple mixture on it. You can make small touches to dampen the biscuits with the warm apple mixture. Wait until it gets cold.

Meanwhile mix the whipped topping with a cup of milk until it gets stiff enough. Spread this whipping cream on the pie. And wait it in refrigerator at least 5 hours.

Decorate it with pistachio and mint leaves before serving. And a cup of black tea or coffee will be perfect to serve with this easy and yummy pie.

Easy Apple Pie | giverecipe.com


  1. says

    Not your ordinary apple pie! I’ve found ginger biscuits in London and they seem to work really well for crusts…might go well in this recipe, especially with the apple. Sounds like you had some awesome treats for a movie night!

  2. says

    Great version of apple pie! I don’t like the crust in the traditional American apple pie, so yours look perfect to me :)

  3. says

    Gastro- I’m sure the flavor of ginger will be a perfect addition for this easy pie.

    Gera- The best part is that there is no baking, so easy. I love decorating anything with pistachios.

    Elra- It’s not an ordinary one for me, too. But it is easier and quicker to make this. It’s definitely worth.

    Jenn- And there are millions of pie varieties around the food blogs. I don’t know if this one is the easiest one, but it’s absolutely so easy.

    Jessie- So easy. You must try it!

    Erica- And you don’t have to work on it that long.

    Natasha- I do love whipped topping, it makes the pie refreshing.

  4. says

    What an easy and delicious pie Zerrin! Your friend is an excellent cook – everything looks so yummy!

  5. says

    Oh Zerrin, Turkish desserts are fantastic! You bring back many happy memories for me … What a wonderful spread your friend prepared. It’s so heartwarming to see people prepare food to be shared. I enjoyed reading this post very much! Have a wonderful weekend :)


  6. says

    This is such an interesting recipe. A great way to use up those apples. I will surely make this next time I have guests over. I love apple desserts! Thank you for sharing, Zerrin.

  7. says

    Looking at those picture…am hungry already, this is not fair, real tempting:) Apple pice indeed a great recipe, i love this shape better:)

  8. says

    What an interesting apple pie n it sounds easy..no need to make any pastry!! I love the way you tell your guests that you are preparing something to eat…it is so adorable…

    btw we almost have the same name , don’t we? :))

  9. says

    Your friend is such a wonderful cook! This pie looks like a really great recipe! Very different from any other pie, which is good since I’m always looking for new apple pie recipes!

  10. says

    I love apple pie in whatever form it comes. This one sounds most unusual but all the more intriguing for that – I’d love to try a slice!

  11. says

    I know very well the “please come hungry” which implies that you’ll leave full and huppy! Unusual, interesting and quick apple pie. I’ll try it :)

  12. says


    I dont know the meaning behind my name…so I’ll adopt yours? :))I believe my name has middle eastern roots…I looked up the meaning once and it said it means ‘white’. I’m not sure if that was really correct. but I like you meaning better! :))

  13. Touria says

    salam zerrin
    your apple pie is unique & sounds so delicious, must do it & tell u
    tomorrow is aid adha so Eid Mubarak my dear
    best wishes

  14. OysterCulture says

    I love apple pie and cannot wait to taste yours. It sounds so delicious and I love the decorative and flavorful addition of pistachios on top.

  15. Elif says

    Salam Zerrin,

    How many grams is in one packet of digestive biscuits? I have a 350g packet of petit beurre and will use that instead. I’ll have to make this soon and get back to you because it looks great. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  16. says

    Thank you all for your so valuable comments.

    Elif- A package of digestive biscuits is 165g. And I used 2 packages, so it makes 330g. I think you can use all the biscuits in your package. And I must admit that yours will be even better as petit beurre biscuits are softer.

  17. vanessa says

    This looks wonderful! I have been so behind I see you have been busy and I need to catch up!! :)

  18. says

    I love this apple “pie” so much! First of all, I love digestive biscuits and I was excited to find them at my neighborhood middle-eastern store, also I am not one to slave over an apple pie, I just don’t have enough passion for it, but this one sounds ideal!

  19. Ava Green says

    Fruit Cakes are quite addictive and my mom always bake them every month.`,’

  20. Laundry Bags says

    This recipe looks so good. I love apple pie – really nice pictures too.


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