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Dried Apple Chips | giverecipe.com

How to dry apple?

Do you want to offer your kids a healthy and sweet snack? Sundried fruits are the best! I am always amazed by the flavor change when fruits or vegetables are dried. I guess they become more aromatic and flavorful when they have a stronger bond with the sun. This is the magic of nature! If you dry enough fruits in summer, you will always have some snacks in your pantry. Also, you can add them in your cakes, stews or salads when you want to make a twist on your regular recipes. You can even make sundried fruit tea in winter and enjoy it on cold days. You will love its scent and flavor!

What do you need to dry apples? Apples in the amount you want, clean cloth and sun. Chop apples with their peels in the shapes you like, spread them on clean cloth and wait under sun until dried. You can dry them in the oven too, but I’m not sure if they have the same flavor.

The amount of water in apple shrinks when it is dried, but its health benefits are still there! Although it loses vitamin C, sundried apple is still rich in minerals, and it protects our body against free radicals. Its tea is recommended to diabetics as its sweetness is enough and you don’t need to add sugar. It is a good source of fiber and makes your digestive system happy.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Dried or fresh, no matter!


  1. says

    Ne kadar lezzetli, ne kadar da sağlıklı…
    Güneş çıkar çıkmaz koca bir kavanoz yapacağım:)) çok severim. Fırında da yapılıyor ama, vitamin kaybeder mi bilemedim ben de.
    Sağlıklı, mutlu, çoook bereketli bir yıl dilerim Zerrin’ciğim.

    • says

      Ben de çok çeşitli meyveler kurutmayı planlıyorum bu yaz. Sana ve ailene de mutlu ve sağlıklı bir yıl diliyorum! Umarım taşınma işlerin kısa zamanda ve kolayca biter:)


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