Doner The Healthiest Fast Food

#Turkish #doner

Turkish doner is chosen as the healthiest fast food by a German TV program, Galileo. The calories of fast foods are compared in the program and as a result it’s stated that Turkish doner is the healthiest one.

The number of fast food restaurants around German is given as follows in the program: 1400 McDonald’s restaurants, 700 Burger King restaurants, 600 Subway restaurants. On the other hand, the number of Doner restaurants exceeds all these; there are 16 thousand doner restaurants in the country. The German TV program, Galileo, which is a favorite program there, claimed that doner is the healthiest option among all fast foods and in Germany it is preferred more.

#Turkish #doner

The calories of fast foods like hamburger, sandwich and doner are taken into account in the comparison and here is the result: A hamburger menu with fried chips has 1000 calories and it has about 50g fat. On the other hand, half bread doner has 600 calories, almost the half of hamburger and contains about 35g fat.

So if you have to eat out or when you have limited time and have to eat fast food, doner is the best option!


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    I love shawarma, that’s what we calls it in palestine. Unfortunately I have the chance to eat it just once I visit home, there’s no places here in US selling these yummies.:(

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