Dining Invitations Of Ataturk Published Into A Book


Have you ever heard this name, Ataturk? His full name is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He is the founder of Turkish Republic. When Ottoman Empire was about to end, people living on this land were so helpless and hopeless about their future. Big countries were making plans to share its land. It was so clear that they would be governed by other countries. Mustafa Kemal organized people to defend their land against these countries and they created an army consisted of voluntary people- man and woman. Although people were deadly poor, they were so devoted to their land that they gave half of everything they had to this army. It was the Independence War and surprisingly Turkish people succeeded in saving their land. However, nothing would be the same. Ottoman Empire was based on a religious governing system. People were ruled by the padishah and his family ( autocracy). After the end of Independence War, Mustafa Kemal, the great revolutionist, declared that this is a new government, totally different from Ottoman Empire. Turkish Republic was founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as a science based governing sytem in 1923. So he is the leader and founder of our country, he is the one who made Turkey independent and made the plan of modern Turkey.

The author Oguz Akay published a new book about dinings held by Ataturk and the importance of it. Oguz Akay is expressing in this book that Ataturk’s dining table was not a table for enjoying meal, but it was much like a table for revolution. How can dining and revolution be connected? The author says that Ataturk’s dining table was like a discussion, work and negotiation area. He worked on many topics from military to culture with his friends around dining table. They planned war strategies during the Independence War around dining table. They discussed on modeling new Turkish Republic again around dining table.

Dining Invitations Of Ataturk Published Into A Book | giverecipe.com

In the book, Ataturk’s famous dining table traditions between 1899 and 1938 are given with the memories about the things experienced around his dining table which had a great role in shapening Ataturk’s philosophy. Also, there are articles published before about his dining table written by people who had the chance for joining these dining and discussions.

As November 10, when Ataturk left us with an indescribable grief, is very close, I would like to dedicate this post to remembrance of this great leader.


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    What a beautiful post in remembrance of Ataturk, Zerrin. The book sounds really interesting, I wonder if I can find a copy?

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    I am also interested in reading this book. What a lovely tribute. I know very little, but now I’m intrigued to learn more. Thanks for sharing my friend, and I hope your week is full of love!

  3. OysterCulture says

    I bet this is an absolutely fascinating read. Thanks for sharing this information as I am not sure how else I would have found out about it.

    What a wonderful tribute and now I am anxious to learn more.

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    I agree with OysterCulture, it sounds like a fascinating read – the combination of dining and revolution is bound to make it so.

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