Cute Puppies

Cute Puppies |

No this is not about food.I wanted to share this lovely moment with you.I saw these cute guys during morning walk a few days ago, and they made me to have a great start to that day. Aren’t they so lovely? But look at the middle one, that’s my favorite. He looks like he is protecting the others from any danger. He looks mischevious too. I’m sure he tempts the other naive ones to have fun. It’s obvious that there is a very strong love and trust between them. Perfect model of friendship!


  1. says

    They’re so lovely. Are they street dogs? We used to get a lot of puppies like that around our streets but the local rescue centre has managed to stop all that happening now. I miss them, actually. :)

  2. Quyen - Kitchen Runway says

    I have such a weakness of dogs — they’re such wonderful animals!

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