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Classes at school finished last week and these cute balls were made by my cute students. They brought these sweets to school on the last day of classes and shared them with their teachers and friends. As they knew about my blog, they generously made a small package of these balls for me so that I could take a better photo of these and put it in a post. Meanwhile, another friend of them took a photo of us (the one wearing a blue T-shirt is me) to make that moment unforgettable. Two of these beautiful girls sitting in the front made carrot balls and the other pretty girl standing near me made cocoa balls. Both balls were so yummy that nothing left at the end of the class except my small package. They said that it’s very easy to make these balls, and wrote the recipes on small note papers. So when you want to make something sweet without a lot of effort, you can try these.

Carrot Balls (Havuçlu Toplar)

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Cute Balls
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An easy snack with carrots.
  • 5 carrots
  • ½ cup milk
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 ½ package plain tea biscuits (they used petit beurre)
  • ½ cup walnut, crumbled
  • Grated coconut
  1. Grate the carrots. Put it in a pot, add sugar and milk and cook until carrots absorb all juice. Set it aside.
  2. Crumble the biscuits in a pot. Add carrots and walnut. Combine them well with your hands and give them ball shapes.
  3. Coat them with grated coconut.
  4. Chill for 3 hours.
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Cocoa Balls (Kakaolu Toplar)

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Cute Balls
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Cocoa balls with biscuits make a great sweet snack!
  • 4 packages( 150g each) plain tea biscuits (she also used petit beurre)
  • 35g cocoa
  • 1 tbsp vanilla
  • 125g butter
  • 1 cup ( about 200g) sugar
  • 1 ½ cup milk
  • Grated coconut
  1. Crumble the biscuits.
  2. Heat the butter in a pot until it melts, add milk, sugar, cocoa and vanilla and stir.
  3. When it boils, take it from fire and add crumbled biscuits.
  4. When it is cold enough to touch, mix it with your hands, make small balls in your palms and coat them with coconut.
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They both used biscuits named Petit Beurre, you can use your favorite plain biscuits to make these balls.

Also, I took a photo of all my students in that class with her camera. My lovely and responsible student didn’t forget to send me these photos, so I can share them with you thanks to her. Look how young and witty they are! Wish them good luck in life!


  1. Paulette Le Pore Motzko says

    I really enjoyed reading your blog here and sharing the joy with your students. :-)

    What country are you in? Are you in Italy? I was trying to figure it out.

    I would love you to join my little cooking blog called “Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World”

    My name is Polly Motzko that I go by in the culinary world.

    I was a teacher of the piano for 20 years married to a rocket scientist for almost 15.

    I am now on my own and spending most my time either writing new articles on or GroupRecipes or CookEatShare or my blog or working on one of the 4 websites I created and maintain.

    I would love to hear from you.

    You seem like a wonderfully creative and kind person.

    Your students are lucky to have a teacher like yourself.


    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

  2. says

    They are darling! You’re so fortunate, here in the States (at least in our school district) they banned home cooked treats for the kids a couple years ago. I was so disappointed. What a great little recipe—I’ll try it with my own kids (my kids, not students). :-)

  3. says

    I loved seeing this post. I taught 8th grade reading to kids in Baltimore, and this reminded me of those days. Thanks for sharing!

  4. OysterCulture says

    What a great way to end the school year! Great memories great food and a review of the times that made it so special.

    These cute balls do indeed sound delicious and are so pretty. Are they a traditional treat? The coca balls sound very similar to a version that I make except I add rum =)

    How proud you must be to see all this talent going forth and knowing you contributed to their success! I hope you have a wonderful summer!

  5. says

    Öğrencileri de, öğretmenlerine (yanılıyorsam düzelt lütfen) çekmiş. hepsi hem güzel hem marifetli.
    Bu arada hepsi çok nefis gözüküyor, havuçlu olanı epeydir yapmıyordum aklıma düşürdünüz hemen deneyeceğim. Güzel kızların ellerine sağlık.


  6. says

    This was such a wonderful post! It was so sweet of your students to make this — and these sweets sound absolutely delicious!

  7. Leesie says

    Wow, another school year has come to an end for you! Wonderful pictures and wonderful recipes! It is so nice that your students appreciate you in the way they do by bringing goodies to class.

    My son will be going away to college in the middle of August!

    I hope you enjoy your summer. Do you have vacation plans?

  8. says

    How wonderful! I love the idea of having carrots in desserts and treats (especially having a 4 year-old). I’ll definitely give those a try. Thanks for sharing.

  9. says

    Home cooked treats banned in the states- It cannot be! really ? IN ALL States? Very unusual treats to me – and my students would love to make them if foods class so they will be on the docket for next year!

  10. says

    It seems like yesterday that you posted last years end of the class photo. Though I know a year has gone by, it doesn’t seem possible. I think my husband would adore your students’ treats.

  11. says

    Sommer- They were definitely so yummy! And it’s great to learn something from students.

    Spice Sherpa- How can it be banned? I can’t understand what their reasons may be. So interesting! I’m sure your kids will enjoy these.

    Mo- They were great, thank you!

    Monet- I taught English listening and speaking to these young guys, and it was great to end the year in this way.

    Madin- I completely agree!

    Jason- Coconut always makes such desserts taste fresher, and I love this.

    The Housewife- It was great for me to see that my students can do such things besides studying English.

    Cherine- Great way to end the class, isn’t it?

    La_Bella_Luna- Thank you!

    Jenn- Sweet students make sweet treats!

    Dokuzuncubulut- Evet öğrencilerim sayesinde ben de iki yeni tarif öğrenmiş oldum. Öğrenmek ve öğretmek karşılıklı olunca daha bir güzel oluyor tabi.

    Faith- Thank you! They were absolutely so yummy that I tried carrot balls myself a few days ago.

    Polly Motzko- Thanks for visiting my blog and inviting me to join your blog. I’m from Turkey and writing about Turkish dishes. I will absolutely go check your blog.

    Trissa- These are also known as easy or fake cezerye, which is another carrot dessert in Turkey. We love to use carrot in sweet foods.

    Liv Wan- Hope students next year will be as lovely as these.

    Penny- Absolutely so easy and yummy!

    Leesie- I still can not believe how this school year ends. But I must admit I’m very happy as I was so busy and I got so tired this year. Now I will have more time for my blog. And I think I deserve a great vacation, but haven’t planned it yet. By the way, wish your son good luck at college.

    Oyster- Thanks to my students for this great end! It was great to have these sweets in an English class. Carrot balls are so popular especially among those who don’t have oven (just like my students) but want to make something special to a group of people. Rum sounds great in cocoa balls.

    The Mom chef- Carrots and coconut make it fresher. I’m sure you will love it.

    Natasha- I definitely feel lucky to have these lovely students. These balls were so yummy!

    The chocolate Priestess- I do love teaching and learning from students. A great feeling when you have a nice relationship with your students.

    Kiki- Thank you!

    Valerie- You will see how it’s easy to make these yummy balls. I’m sure they will enjoy making these.

    Tanantha- It was absolutely a very nice end of class with these.

    Magic of spice- Thank you!

    Diana- I feel the same when writing this post. The difference is, I was the one who made cookies for my students last year. Students made these sweet balls for us this year. Both was great! I’m sure he will love these.

  12. Mo says

    Hey, Zerrin. About the rosewater/orange blossom switch – definitely! You could also just use more vanilla extract or even almond and it’d be fantastic. :)

  13. says

    Hey Zerrin, you all look so sweet! I love seeing photos of people, yet i don’t put them on my blog. Yikes!
    These balls are cute, and I love snacks like this-so healthful.

  14. says

    It’s obvious your students adore you Zerrin! These balls sure look like special and delicious treats!

  15. Rachel Fry says

    These look amazing and I plan to try them out this week. :)

    In regards to the question of homemade treats not all states or school districts ban them but most are headed that way. With the upswing in severe food allergies, and the strict guidelines for food sanitation that schools must follow, it is seen as a way to ensure quality and safety. Unfortunately, it also means more processed and refined products are making their way into our students diets. Some schools even have restrictions on what kids can bring in their own box lunches. Gone are the days where parents were thought to know best what their children should eat. :(

  16. RJEANY says

    i tried making it and its soo yummy!!! all my friends would want me to make again and again..
    Thank you for sharing your delicious sweet =)

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