Curd Salad

Curd Salad

I started to think about my Sunday breakfast last night. Having a big breakfast makes me happier and it’s a very good start for a day. During weekdays, I never skip breakfast, but those are a kind of fast breakfast with a sandwich or a piece of cake or toast. And this is not what I understand from breakfast. There should be a variety in my breakfast and I can only find time for such a breakfast on Sundays.

So today is one of those happy days for me as we prepared a big breakfast with my husband.  Besides eating, I also love that preparing part. He turned on the music player and with Anastacia accompanying us with her energizing songs, we had great time preparing our breakfast.

In this post you’ll read a recipe of a kind of cheese salad. I love every kind of cheese and everything based on cheese. Therefore, it is the main ingredient of our breakfast, we often have two or more types of cheese on the table.

The cheese salad here is made of curd (of yellow cheese). This curd salad brings a very appetizing flavor to your breakfast. If you are one of those breakfast lovers, I’m sure you want to taste it. If you don’t like having breakfast, you can also use this curd salad as a filling for savory pastries.

Cokelek Salata

•    1 cup curd
•    1 tbsp dried red bell pepper, crumbled*
•    1tsp thyme
•    A few leaves of dill, minced
•    1 tbsp olive oil

Combine all ingredients except olive oil. Pour it on the top after they are combined well. And it’s ready. You’ll see how you can eat more in breakfast with the help of this salad.

*You can also used the usual red pepper, but the one I use makes it more delicious. Mom dries these red bell pepper in Summer. After they are totally dried, she crumbles them and adds some olive oil and little salt to keep these crumbled peppers for Winter days.

Curd Salad


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    What an exotic and interesting dish (I love fresh dill too). But are the red bell peppers that you speak of the ones that are illustrated in the top photo to the left? They appear to be a sort of tiny berry and not the usual peperone/bell peppers that I am accustomed to here in Italy and the US. They would really be a unique addition to an herb garden!

  2. says

    rowena – on the left is some kind of berries as you said. I use them just for decoration. You can see the dried red bell peppers (as crumbled) under the duck’s feet. But those berries also may give a fresh flavor.

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    Interesting dish, Zerrin. The curd looks like crumbled up farmers’ cheese or queso fresco. No Turkish curd available where I am … :( Any chance I could use another kind of cheese instead? Thanks.

  4. says

    shesimmers – Of course you can replace it with any other kinds of cheese. Dill and cheese are perfect couples.

  5. says

    That looks very good! Thanks for sharing! Fresh cheese curds are delicious in a lot of different salads! I never thought to eat this for breakfast! Great idea!

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