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Here is another fantastic summer snack! Sweet corns are definitely messengers of summer. They are called milk corn (sut misir) in Turkish to describe their sweetness. You can always see peddlers selling boiled sweet corns on streets. They have a big cauldron on their stand which keeps corns hot and which tempts you to buy one or more cobs as it spreads an irresistible scent along the street. People love to have a walk in the evening here and they can’t just ignore the guy selling sweet corns. They find themselves waiting in line for boiled corns as if there was a magnetic system aound the peddler. Believe me, the scent of sweet corns is that powerful! The peddler allows you to show which one you want from the cauldron, he picks it with tongs and wrap its bottom with its husk, sprinkle salt on it and serve. I love the idea that you don’t need anything but its green leaves to hold a hot boiled sweet corn on the cob.

You can boil it at home as well if you want to eat more than a few. Boil enough water in a large pot. Peel corns, cut them in halves if your pot is not large enough and throw them in boiling water. Boil until they are soft enough. I don’t need any additions when enjoying my corn, but you can season it with some chili and salt, even with a little butter.

In summer I also prepare some for winter. Not to buy frozen or canned corns, I boil them, put their grains in plastic bags when they are cold and store them in deep-freezer.


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    Corn certainly does imply the sunny days of summer, I like the idea of storing it for the cooler seasons as well :)

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    Ohh, I love sweet corn… Being originally from Bosnia, I used to eat a lot of them during summer holidays at my grandma’s :) I totally agree with you, the scent of sweet corns is so powerful…

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