Coffee Prices Go Up

Coffee Prices Go Up |

The price of coffee has gone up to 20 Turkish Liras (about $13) per kilo.

Coffee is one of the most common drinks in Turkey. Turkish coffee is made from coffee beans imported from Brazil. These beans are roasted and ground in special coffee mills, then put on market in Turkey. Turkey mostly prefers Rio-2 and Rio-3 types of coffee, known as Arabica to import.

Ilhan Billur, a coffee import dealer and Turkish coffee producer statedt that unprocessed coffee price in Brazil has soared up to $4500/ton. This increase in Brazil directly effects the price of processed coffee in Turkey.

He explained “Heavy rains and storms in September in Brazil caused a continual increase in coffee price there. The Coffee Producers Union in Brazil increased the coffee price from $2950 to $3900 in Spetember. They weren’t satisfied with this price and it has risen to $4500 by this month.”

Coffee price in Turkey was 12TL/kilo before September, became 15TL in September and it has gone up to 20TL now. Some famous coffee companies even made it 25TL. Prices of coffee granules and filter coffee increased accordingly. It is also reported that these prices might keep rising following days.

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