What to chop out of your diet to lose weight

lose weight

This is a guest post written to introduce Zeo, an alcoholic-free drink.

Let’s face it; we all want to lose some weight, whether it is purely for a confidence boost whenever you walk past a mirror or for more serious medical reasons. Losing weight can be tough as it requires discipline and hard work over a long period of time, and whilst exercise is obviously one of the most important ways to lose an extra inch of your waistline, you need to accompany that with the right diet. Here are the things you should remove from your diet and place right into the proverbial waste bin.


That first sip from that pint of lager on a Friday night or that moment your favourite wine touches your lips are undeniably great, and although going straight edge may be slightly too extreme for many, by cutting down on the amount of alcohol you drink you can wipe out a huge proportion of your weekly calorie intake.

Why not try the new alcoholic-free drink Zeo, containing natural fruits and botanicals and a tingly taste to keep your taste buds happy. Find out where to get Zeo, the chances are you’ll find it more rewarding than alcohol!


Cut down on fatty snacks between meal times as your body really doesn’t require them. It might be tempting to reach for a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate a couple of hours before teatime, but this is a cardinal sin for anyone who wants to lose weight. Once you get into the routine of eating three meals a day the temptation to divulge will eventually disappear, and you can proudly walk past the crisp aisle without grabbing a single bag during your next trip to the supermarket.


You’ve had a long hard day at work, it’s been an even longer and harder week, and you’re sat on the sofa contemplating ordering in a Chinese or an Indian takeaway. We’ve all been there, with the thought of preparing your own meal tantamount to climbing Everest in your UGG Boots.

However, takeaways are absolutely chock-a-block with saturated fats and you know full well that you’ll feel bloated and guilty once you’ve finished your overpriced meal.

There are other alternatives, such as cooking a simple yet healthy stir-fry. You’ll have your food far quicker than any delivery man can supply you and your waistline and bank balance will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Disclosure: This blog post was written in collaboration with Zeo.


  1. Stamatia says

    Did you actually write this text? Because it doesn’t quite sound like you…I thought at first you’d lifted it from some women’s magazine, but then I see that you did this “in collaboration with” a beverage company…

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