Chocolate Ice Cream in Dream

#Chocolate #Ice Cream

Chocolate ice cream used to be my favorite as a kid. I had a strong craving for ice cream every single day in Summer and my choice would always be with chocolate flavoring. I would feel like I was in heaven when it had chocolate chips inside! I remember that I looked forward to ice cream days all Winter! You know people mostly like having hot drinks in Winter and they don’t even think of ice cream on freezing days. Kids don’t have the concept of seasons though, if they crave for something, they want it! Can you imagine me as a kid begging my parents for chocolate ice cream on the days when everyone was planning to wear thicker clothes? You can easily guess that the answer was a big “No!” And I would try to satisfy my ice cream craving with mom’s rice pudding then. Could it be the same? No way! I remember those days with a smile now since I don’t have that strong craving now!

#Chocolate #Ice Cream

Dad and mom are here with us now, and they are helping us with the youngest member of our family. What made me remember those days is a dream I saw the other night. Dad brought me a big package of chocolate ice cream and I was eating it right from the package with a big spoon! The ice cream monster inside me has woken up! I don’t know if it has something to do with post-pregnancy period! I told this dream when having breakfast to everyone. And here is their interpretation: My son will love ice cream as much as I did. We’ll see!

#Chocolate #Ice Cream

And yesterday my dear dad returned home from his regular walk with a big package of chocolate ice cream! And he surprised us with the cones he bought along with the ice cream. He wanted me to feel the same joy I had in my childhood! You know what? It had chocolate chips too!

We all enjoyed it like kids, ignoring the stains it left around our mouths!

What’s your favorite ice cream flavoring?


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    Actually I love all flavours and crave icecream very much but I am lactose intolerant so I avoid this now. However, mint chocolate chip used to be my favourite. My boys love cookie dough ice-cream. Take care of yourself! How is the newest addition to the family doing? How are you adjusting?

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      Thank you Bam! We’re still in the process of getting used to our new life. I’m feeling better and my little son’s little eyes help me forget all my pain!

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