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Chicken Soup |

I got a phone call from my close friend yesterday, she said that she had an excruciating stomachache and asked me some advice. I was worried when I realized the uneasy tone of her voice. I was at work, so couldn’t do anything for her. Then her husband took her to hospital. A doctor examined her and it wasn’t her stomach, but her appendicitis. The doctor told her that she should have an operation for her appendicitis. Once she called and told these, we went there. We were all stunned by this unexpected operation. I learnt that we shouldn’t ignore if we have such complaints, and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Doctors say that apendicitis doean’t have any function in our body, so why do we have it? I heard a lot of cases like we had yesterday. You go to hospital for your stomachache, but they say that it’s appendicitis, and you should immediately have an operation for it. It’s definitely bothersome, I wish noone experiences it.

Her operation was successful, and she was discharged today. Fortunately she’s better now, and having a rest at home. We visited her this evening and I cooked a chicken soup for her. She couldn’t eat enough as she still have some pain. But she said it’s definitely a soup for patients. I generally make this soup if one of us have a cold, and we always see its positive effects. I hope my friend recovers soon.

Tavuk Corbasi

•    3 chicken pieces (with bone is preferred)
•    A handful of chickpeas, soaked overnight or boiled
•    1 cup milk
•    3 cups chicken stock
•    1 tbsp flour
•    2 tbsp cream
•    A few leaves parsley
•    1 lemon
•    1 tsp salt
•    1 tsp black pepper
•    1 tbsp butter

Boil the chicken pieces in a pot. The pieces should have bones, it’s very importat as the food value of chicken bone is higher and so curative when boiled.

When it boils, and the chicken cooks, seperate the bones and shred the chicken pieces. We’ll use this chicken stock, so do not throw it away.

Melt the butter in a pot. Pour 3 cups chicken stock (the one you boil the chicken) into the pot. Add chickpeas into it. Bring it to boil.

Mix milk and flour very well in a bowl and pour it little by little into the boiling chicken stock. Stir occasionally.Then add the shredded chicken pieces, parsley leaves. Parsley gives a hearty flavor to this soup, so it’s so important. Squeeze a lemon into the soup, sprinkle salt and black pepper. Stir them well. When it boils for about 10 minutes, pour the cream into it and stir for the last time. Take it from heat and serve hot. I love it sour, so I always squeeze extra lemon into my bowl. If you have a cold, do the same.

Chicken Soup |


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    That was really nice of you to make a yummy soup for your friend and I hope she recovers soon.

    Before I read the recipe, I was looking at the picture and thinking – wait the minute, my chicken soup does not look at all like this and then I realized that yours has milk and cream (and it’s so much prettier too)! That’s a neat recipe and I must try this chicken soup sometime. I think my daughter will really like it!

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    Indeed, That was really nice to think of your friend & to cook such a beautiful ” feel better ” soup!! oooohhh!!! The soup looks yummie :)!!

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    I experienced appendicitis and the surgery when I was in college and I don’t wish it on anyone. You are a very good friend to cook chicken soup. I like to make it when we aren’t feeling well, and it’s a perfect choice – your soup looks delicious.

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    Thank you all. My friend is better today, but she still doesn’t have appetite, so I made apple compote for her. And she had a bowl of it, which made me very happy.

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    mmm… chicken soup. There’s nothing better than a nice big bowl to make anyone feel better. =)

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    I am glad your friend is on the mend – I love the additions you have in your soup. For me chicken soup usually includes noodles – but I look forward to trying it with chickpeas.

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    The best cure-all! Unfortunately, I can’t have chickpeas but perhaps I can use something else. I love the inclusion of milk and cream . . . so different than just broth.

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    Your an awesome friend! Yes, do not ignore any pains in the body. I had the most excruciating pains on my right side last year which I though was appendicitis – it turned out to be an inflamed gallbladder. I had to have emergency surgery as I had six gallstones the size of small rocks!

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    i love to eat Chicken Soup, my mom used always serve that dish with me specially when i am sick during my childhood days.

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