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Cheese on BoardWe went to a vegetable bazaar this morning and I felt the spirit of nature there when I saw the vivid colors of fresh vegetables. I wish I had the ability of painting, I could reflect all those colors and frehness in my pictures then. Unfortunately, I can not draw even a stick man, so I decided to buy some fresh vegetables and cook them instead.

I love chatting with old ladies while shopping in this bazaar, I learn a lot of tips from them. To give an example, I learnt how to make pickles from an old lady in the bazaar. She was buying some green herbs and I asked what they were. And this long lady explained the importance of these herbs in making pickles (I’ll give the recipe of pickles later).

Do you wonder what I learnt from an old lady in the bazaar today? A very healthy vegetable dish! While I was buying some tomatoes and parsley, she asked if I knew the price of zucchini or not. The vendor was too busy, that’s why she asked me. Because I came there earlier, I heard the price from the vendor. I said it to the lady and she started to put some in a bag (we can select and put the vegetables in bags in this bazaar). This old lady seemed so friendly to me, I thought that I could ask what she would cook with zucchini. She replied with a cute smile and gave a very unique recipe of zucchini. I generally don’t prefer buying it as my husband and I find it a bit unsavory, maybe because it doesn’t have a strong taste. But we are aware of its benefits to our health, so we are open to new recipes.

After eating this zucchini dish, we agreed on that this will be one of our favorites. It was incredibly tasty. Another recipe which gives a yummy taste to zucchini was from Farida. We tried it last week and started to love zucchini thanks to her. You can find the recipe here.

So here is the zucchini recipe of the sympathetic old lady I met at bazaar:
Kayik Kabak

•    4 zucchinis
•    ½ cup white cheese (feta), crumbled
•    ¼ cup grated yellow cheese (kashar cheese)
•    A few leaves of parsley or dill
•    8 tsp butter
•    Salt
•    Black pepper

Wash zucchinis very well and cut a vertical piece of each. But be careful, you shouldn’t cut the head and the end of it. Then carve it deeply discarding its inside. Do the same for all zucchinis. (if you don’t want to waste these parts, put them in the deep freezer to use in some vegetable stew or pies).

Put some water in a pot, add salt and boil the carved zucchinis in it for about ten minutes. When they get softer after ten (or fifteen) minutes, drain them.

Preheat the oven to 180C(350F).

For filling, in another small bowl, mince the leaves of parsley or dill and mix them well.


Lay a piece of grease paper in an oven tray. Place the zucchinis on it. Put 2 tsp butter inside each zucchini and then fill them with the cheese mixture. Finally put grated yellow cheese on the top and sprinkle little black pepper. Put it in oven and cook them until their top becomes a little brown (about 20 or 30 minutes). After they cook, you can garnish them with carrot sticks.

If you are looking for new recipes for zucchini, this will absolutely help you.

Note: The name of this dish is given by me, not from the old lady.

Cheese on Board


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    I will have to keep this in mind when we start our garden in the spring. Last year, we had so much zucchini but I was running out of recipes to use them!

  2. says

    I love zucchini, my favorite is just steamed and topped with melted cheese. This looks really easy to make.


  3. says

    I imagined your conversation with the old lady and loved every minute reading about it. That’s what I like about open markets — the opportunity to learn new tips/tricks on cooking veggies! The vendors (or little old ladies) are always a fountain of information. Thanks!

  4. says

    That’s looks so delicious! A beautiful low carb alternative to potato skins. Thanks for posting it on Tastespotting!

  5. says

    Natasha, July, Mely and Cathy – thank you for your comment.

    rowena – As you said, they are real fountains of information and it was so enjoyable for me to talk to one of these fountains.

    Lauren B – Glad you like it. and thank you for stopping by.

  6. says

    Zerrin, your zucchini story was a very interesting read:) So nice of that elderly lady to share her recipe with you.And thank you for sharing it with us. I loved it and I am saving it. Thank you for linking to me, too. So nice of you.

  7. Elif says

    Made this for lunch, it’s soo delicious and summery!! Goes so well with tomatoes and other veggies!

  8. says

    Elif – Happy you like it. It becomes one of my favorites. Having tomatoes with it is a great idea. Thank you for sharing the result and your feelings here.

  9. says

    Zucchini are very abundant in my parent’s garden. I will have to book mark this to try! Thanks!


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