Cheese Balls for Breakfast

#Cheese Balls for #Breakfast

Cheese Balls can make your breakfast table look like a real feast! Cheese is my second favorite breakfast food, the first is egg. If there are various kinds of cheese on the breakfast table, I feel that it’s a happy start for the new day! Cheese itself is quite enough to prepare an appetizing breakfast, but I sometimes change the form of cheese and make breakfast foods including cheese to make it even more appealing! When I want to use up leftover bread, I make these Leftover Bread and Cheese Patties or I sometimes top french toasts with cheese as in this French Toast with Curd and Blackberry Jam. When I crave for something like a pastry, I make this Cheese Bread.

Cheese Balls for Breakfast2

I love cheese in any form, and this time I wanted to make a simple and quick breakfast treat. You can absolutely make several versions of these cheese balls. I’d like them with two spices that I love to combine with cheese: Nigella seeds and chili powder.

#Cheese Balls for #Breakfast

Nigella seeds are mostly spinkled over curd like cheeses to give them a nice texture. These small black seeds combine perfectly with white colored cheeses. So why not use them to coat cheese balls?

The chili powder I use is made by my husband’s mom, who is living in Aydın. She says this chili powder is used in her city to give a reddish color to dishes. It’s not too hot, so I love to combine it with tanginess of cheese.

#Cheese Balls for #Breakfast

You can drizzle a little olive oil when eating these balls if the cheese you use is not full-fat.

When slicing certain kinds of cheese, they might crumble if they are too soft. So making cheese balls is also a great way to use up those crumbled parts. You give them a new form and noone realizes that they are made from unpleasant looking crumbled parts of cheese.

#Cheese Balls for #Breakfast

It’s very easy to make cheese balls. Use up your leftover crumbled cheese or crumble your favorite white colored soft cheese and give them a ball shape. Then coat with anything you like to combine! Your family will be surprised love these cheese balls!

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Cheese Balls for Breakfast
Prep time
Total time
Cheese balls coated with nigella seeds and chili powder make a perfect breakfast treat!
  • 1 cup crumbled white colored cheese, I used a feta like cheese
  • 2 tbsp nigella seeds
  • 2 tbsp chili powder
  1. Make small balls from crumbled cheese and coat them with nigella seeds and chili powder.
  2. Serve at breakfast!
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  1. says

    Oh wow these look fantastic!, for sure eye catching and tickling the taste buds. =) Your chili powder is so bright red and you are saying it is not that spicy? Any idea what those chilis might be called? Maybe I can hunt for some here.

  2. Sanchez Watt says

    These look way too difficult to make, but I’m sure they look delicious. Maybe I can find someone to make them for me.

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