Chard Borek

Chard Borek |

This was going to be our usual potato borek, but our neighbor brought us a bunch of chard just as I was preparing to make borek. They have a small garden where they grow an apricot tree, a sour cherry tree, a plum tree, some greens depending on the season and some tomatoes. They are our next door neighbor and whenever they have their small ‘harvest’, they bring us some for taste. Our door bell rings at an unexpected time  and when one of us open the door, we see that our polite neighbor is waiting there with something wrapped with paper in her hands. We thankfully accept her gift and unwrap it with excitement. One day she brought some cherries, she brought apricots on another day.  They all had a natural taste, as they had no pesticide on them. Our neigbor lets them free and they grow how they like. Yes, their shapes are not as smooth and neat as the ones at the markets, but they all taste much better. I made some jam from the plums they gave us last summer and it was delicious, it lasted just a week for us to finish it. They haven’t bring any plums this summer yet, I’m planning to make something different with them this time, maybe a cake or a pie.


You know we love borek as a snack and potato borek is our favorite. I boiled potatoes and mixed it with some spices and pepper paste for the filling mixture. And the bell rang. Guess who? Our neighbor and a package in her hand, she said they picked some chard from their garden and they allocated a bunch for us. I invited her for a cup of Turkish coffee to thank her. Entering the kitchen, she saw that I was making borek and made a great suggestion; adding chard in its filling mixture. I loved the idea! In addition to potato and chard, I wanted to use the only carrot left in our refrigerator. I enjoyed making borek and chatting with our neighbor at the same time. When I put the tray in oven, she left saying that she had some works to do.
And of course, I took some borek to our neighbor to show what their chard turned into. After a few days, I saw them in their garden watering trees, and they said that they loved the borek and they would make it too the next time they pick some chard.

Pazılı Borek

–    5 phyllo sheets
–    1 cup yogurt
–    1 egg
–    ¼ cup olive oil
For the filling:
Besides the ingredients for potato borek (but this time I didn’t put any cheese),
–    A bunch of chard, chopped
–    1 carrot, grated
For garnish
–    Nigella sativa

Mix yogurt, olive oil and an egg in a cup. We will spread this mixture on each phyllo sheet.

Preheat the oven to 180C.

Lay one phyllo sheet in an oven tray. Spread a little yogurt mixture on it. Put the half of boiled and sauted potato on it, sprinkle the half of the grated carrot on it. Lay another phyllo sheet, put half of the chopped chard on it. Lay the third sheet, spread a little yogurt mixture on it, put the rest of the potato and grated carrot. Lay the fourth sheet, put the rest of the chard. Lay the last sheet on it, spread allthe yogurt mixture on it.

Chard Borek |

Then cut the borek in diamond shapes or how you like. Cutting before putting it in oven helps all layers cook equally. Then sprinkle some nigella sativa on it. Cook it for 40 minutes and it’s done. If you think its top is too crispy, sprinkle a little water on it with your hands, cover it with another tray or a piece of cloth, wait it for 15 minutes. Then you’ll see it gets soft enough.


  1. says

    I have had chard yet. I saw some chard at the farmer’s market today. I was about to get some, but my basket was already full. Hopefully next week they’ll have some. I really want to try it.

  2. OysterCulture says

    Another incredible combination, the potato boreks sounded amazing, I am still going to cook them, but am on oven hiatuses for the summer, and I LOVE chard, and can only imaging how tasty this will be. Based on your blog, my hubby is in for a Turkish delight at some point =)

    You mention you omitted the cheese, any reason for that?

  3. says

    I have chard growing in my garden and I’m always looking for new recipes. I like your borek.

  4. says

    Lauren- I love to use nigella sativa on any versions of borek.

    Jenn- Sometimes I want to buy everything at farmer’s markets (our pazar), but know my limits, I can’t carry them all. Hope you love the borek with chard when you try it.

    Diana- How lucky you are to grow your chard in your garden. Hope you love it when you try.

    Jankovitch- I wish I could share its taste as well in these pictures:)

    Jessie- Thank you, it was definitely so tasty.

    Oyster- Winter is a better season to make borek, but I love it much, so I make it too often no matter the season is. chard was absolutely a good idea in this borek. Please give my best regards to your husband.

    I didn’t use cheese in this borek just because I wanted it so.

    Lisa- Everyone must have a neighbor like that!

  5. says

    wow this looks AMAZING! It looks like a savory version of baklava..which works for me because I don’t have a sweet tooth!

  6. says

    Great improvisation to use the chard at the last minute! You make something unique that really looks delicious!

  7. says

    Thanks for this recipe. I will definitely try it out with our next swiss chard harvest. We have had a lot this year too and I think our neighbors whom we’ve shared it with feel like you do :)

  8. says

    This sounds excellent. I am a huge fan of spinakopita and this sounds like a great alternative. And without the cheese, it sounds pretty healthy.

  9. says

    How sweet of your neighbor to bring you such delicious gifts! I love your borek recipes: nettle, potato, vegetable and now chard. You may also want to stop by at Gastroanthropology’s blog – her post from last week was ‘burek’ from Croatia. I wonder what the shared history of these two dishes might be? 😎

  10. says

    I was curious to know how you seasoned your potatoes as filling. I would love to make these for my lunches. -Tien

  11. says

    Tien- After boiling the potatoes, I chopped them very small, sauted with diced onion, added a little pepper paste, and seasoned it with spices like red pepper flakes and black pepper.
    Hope you love it when you try.

  12. says

    Thanks so much for this recipe. Had it as a main dish for vegetarians and as a side dish accompanying tomato & mozzarella balls, Lobster Bisque, and Thon A La Languedocienne (Tuna Languedoc-style). This dish has definitely surpassed my previous (and somewhat similar) favorite that uses phyllo dough, Spanikopita (Greek Spinach Pie).

  13. says

    I have some wonderful chard “bright lights” growing in my garden this year! I want to try this recipe. Is it any good left over? How long does it keep? I am trying to lose weight and if I cook, I try to not eat too much at once. And I am busy, so I like eating left overs. My chard isn’t as smooth as yours in the picture, but I’m sure it will work. This looks sooo goood!

    • says

      Left over chard borek gets even better. I love to snack on them. You can keep it for 3 days in refrigerator. I’m sure your chard gets great too when cooked. Enjoy!

  14. says

    Two issues….first of all, ONE sheet of phyllo (from the store) is NOT working. I think I should have used 2 sheets instead of one. They tore when I put the egg/yogurt mixture on, even the top layer, when I poured the eggg/yogurt, the chard poked holes in the phyllo. I am going ahead and baking it, and I am sure it will taste ok, but it isn’t going to look like your picture. I really want to try your whole wheat phyllo, but I was short on time today.

    My second problem is that I went to a local international grocery and what I thought was nigella SEED was actually OIL and when I asked the owner if he had the seed, he handed me a bag of “Black Caraway Seed” so I hope this is the same thing. It does make a nice garnish on the top of the borek!

    • says

      Oh sorry to hear that your phyllo is thinner than the ones sold here, but I think it will be ok when cooked. You must try making your own phyllo when you have time, it definitely tastes better.
      As for your second problem, black caraway seed is not the same with nigella seed, the former’s flavor is much like cumin. It is a great idea to use it as topping, though. I must try it next time. You can replace nigella seed with any seed you like to garnish such boreks.
      I would love to have a piece of your borek right now! You made me crave for it!

  15. says

    YUM!!! I just finished the borek (and I did eat WAY too much!). I lined my pan with foil and the bottom layer stuck to it. I am thinking that maybe next time I will make it in my pyrex dish and grease the bottom? This batch of borek wasn’t very pretty, but sooo tasty! Dilara likes it, too! Definitely something I’ll be making regularly and I do think using 2 layers of the phyllo will solve the problem. I might even add some cheese next time. I like that it is so healthful. Potato, carrot, chard plus the egg and yogurt. Oh! I stripped the stems out of my chard leaves before I chopped them as I thought they might be tough. I ended up having to take it out at 30 minutes rather than 40, but it was done. My oven has issues, so it might have been a little hot

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