Celery and Leek Stew Recipe

Celery and Leek Stew

These vegetables are my favorite. Raw or cooked, either way makes me happy. Especially the fascinating smell of celery is enough to make me desirous to eat. I’m totally against wasting food, so I use the celery root for this dish while adding its stalk into my boiling soup. Then the entire house smells celery.

I must admit that my husband is fed up with this dish as I cook it very often. He starts to threaten me with complaining me to Obama. He says, as Obama is considered as the saver and the one who will find solutions for the problems in the world, and as a real democrat, he should solve this problem between us. I don’t know whether Obama listens to this complaint, but I’m sure he likes this vegetable dish if he gives it a chance. Here are the

Lahanali Kereviz


•    2 celery roots, diced
•    2 stalks leek, chopped
•    1 carrot, diced
•    A few leaves of cabbage, chopped
•    1 cup boiled chickpeas
•    ½ tomato paste
•    ½ lemon, squeezed
•    2 tbsp olive oil
•    Salt
•    1 cup hot water
•    ½  tsp sugar

Saute the diced carrot with olive oil in a pot. Add ½ tsp sugar and stir. Then diced celery roots, chopped leek stalks and cabbage go into the pot. Put the lid on and cook it for 10 minutes.

Now it’s chickpeas’ turn to combine with the others.

In a small bowl, mix tomato paste and  little water and add it into the pot to make your dish colored. Pour the hot water on them, add lemon juice and salt. Put the lid on again and do not open it for 20 minutes.

Enjoy it thinking how healthy you are with this vegetable dish.


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