Cake with Tea

Cake with Tea

When I first heard the name of this cake, I couldn’t believe that it contains tea (as a liquid) in it. I just thought that there might be some leaves of tea. One day, one of my friends (Sibel) served us a yummy cake, I asked her if there was really tea in it or not and I learned that there was. So I was wrong. Thanks to a cup of tea in it, this cake is so light that you can eat a few big pieces consecutively. This cake with tea has been another popular cake in our home since then. If you like such light cakes, here is the recipe:

Cayli Kek


•    3 eggs
•    1 ½ cup sugar
•    1 cup cold well-steeped tea
•    ½ cup olive oil
•    2 tbsp cacao
•    2 tbsp nuts
•    1 tsp baking powder
•    1 tsp vanilla
•    8 tbsp flour

Mix sugar and eggs until smooth with a beater. This is very important to have a well baked cake. Add olive oil and cold tea. Mix it again. Add cacao, nuts, vanilla and flour. Mix with a spoon. As in all cakes, put the baking powder last and go on mixing.

Preheat the oven to 170C (338F)

Oil the cake mold with a brush and pour the mixture in it. Place it in the preheated oven for 45 or 50 minutes. You can check if it is done by dipping a toothpick into the cake, if it comes out clean, your cake is done.

This cake is both economical and yummy. You should be quick to have one piece before the others finish it.

Cake with Tea


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    Cake made with tea is quite traditional here in Ireland, though I haven’t made any in ages. I must remedy that!

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    Daily Spud – surprised that it’s traditional there. It’s mcuh known by people here. You should try it if you want to have a change .

    Natasha – I had the same question when I first heard it. But it’s very light and delicious. You should definitely try it.

    Gera – Thank you for your comment and for your nice words. It sounds strange but believe me once you take one bite, you forget about that strangeness.

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    this sounds like a good cake. i will add this to my “must try” list. what kind of tea did you use, black or green tea?.. thanks for adding me to your Foodbuzz list. I like Turkish food, I ate some when I was in germany :) I definitely would like to learn some recipes .

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    This is really interesting…I’ve never used tea in cake! This is similar to a vegan chocolate cake that I make so I may replace the water and vinegar I use in the cake with tea. I’m assuming you use a black tea…

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    Jescel – Thank you for stopping by. You use black tea. If you share the result when you try, I’d be very happy.

    gastroanthropologist – you can certainly use tea instead of water and vinegar. And yes use black tea. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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    Hi, thank you for the friend add and the comment for one of my member’s recipe!

    Wow, you have so many yummy food recipes. Especially this one caught my eyes. I think I heard it before, but I’m very curious to know what kind of effect does tea give to the cake…

    There are lots of recipes in Asian cuisines that calls for tea…Like pork shoulder roast cooked in Oolong tea or black tea, and in that case, tea is used for its meat tenderizing effect like beer. So, I’m curious why tea is added to this recipe besides giving them tea flavor…

    Again, thank you for your comment, and talk to you later!


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    Thank you Sally for stopping by. Tea makes your cake soft and easy to eat as you put just 1/2 cup olive oil. Generally, here double of this amount is used in other cakes. You can have the half of the whole cake and don’t feel you eat much.

    Thank you for the information about tea and pork. I didn’t know that tea is used for it.

    Lookin forward to sharing more.

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