Cabbage The Hidden Winter Hero

Cabbage The Hidden Winter Hero |

How often do you eat cabbage when it’s in season? Although it is one of the main vegetables in winter, it is not the main food of most families. I watched a movie once, in which cabbage was described by the main character as the sign of poverty.  If a house smells boiling cabbage, it means the family living in it is very poor. It doesn’t have such a connotation in my country, maybe because it is not as cheap as potatoes. I must admit that we don’t have it as often as spinach, cauliflower or leek although I know it has lots of benefits. The reason why I don’t buy it very often might be its size. Cabbages at markets are mostly too big for two of us. I don’t miss small ones though. Wish markets could sell it chopped or divided!

So what are the health benefits of cabbage?

For one thing, it helps you keep fit or lose weight as it has very low calorie. You can have it even raw as a healthy snack.
It is recommended to people with diabetes since it balances blood sugar. As it is a low calorie vegetable, it doesn’t lead problems to those people.
It is like a hero for women because it removes cellulite. If you drink a lot of coffee or coke, you can fight their bad effects with the help of cabbage. So eat enough cabbage in winter and look more beautiful in summer!
It cleans and refreshes skin and helps you look more beautiful.
Finally, it is protective against bowel cancer with the help of antioxidants it contains.

What do I cook with cabbage?

I sometimes add some chopped cabbage into green salads. And here are some more suggestions:
Cabbage Stew
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Easy Pickled Cabbage


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      We can see cabbage at the market both in winter and in summer here, but it’s actual season is winter. It is always hard to decide what to cook in winter as we have few vegetables in season. So cabbage could be considered as one of the most popular winter veggies here.

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