Bluefish Season Here


We’ve started to see bluefish at fish markets here. Fishermen are allowed to catch bluefish starting from the second week of September till the end of January. You can find the best bluefish at fish markets in this period. The colder the sea water, the tastier it becomes. It is said that there is an abundance in bluefish this year, so its price is 18 liras – around $10 and it will become even more affordable soon.

Did you know that you can meet your body’s need of omega 3 when you have just 100g bluefish? It contains 1100mg omega 3 and our body’s daily need of omega 3 is around 1000mg, so bluefish is a great source of healthy oil! What is best about bluefish is that it doesn’t contain too much calories and it is rich in protein.

What are the health benefits of bluefish?

It contains vitamins B, which protect skin, nerves and digestion system. It is especially a great source of B12. It also helps our body produce energy.

With the amount of vitamin A it contains, bluefish both protects our body against infections and supports bone and tooth development.

It also helps regulate heart rhythm with magnesium it has. Another substance in it is selenium, which functions as an antioxidant. Selenium delays aging and decreases the risk of heart attack.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s go buy bluefish and cook! I always suggest cooking it in oven as I find frying unhealthy and oily.

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