Benefits of Eating Radish


We eat radish raw and generally serve as salad in Turkish cuisine. We don’t need to waste a lot of time to prepare salad if you have radish in your kitchen. Just slice them, squeeze lemon on them, sprinkle salt and serve. Don’t you think it’s so appealing with its cute color and crunchy texture?

Besides its beauty and flavor, radish has many health benefits. To start with, it is rich in vitamin C. Its green leaves contain even more vitamin C than the pink body. You can add them into your salads too!

Also, radish contains potassium and folic acid minerals.
Eat radish to have healthy teeth, gingiva, hair and nails.
Eat it if you have no appetite as it whets your appetite.
Eat it to overcome stress as it has a relaxing effect.
Eat it to strengthen respiratory tract.
Eat it if you have indigestion problem and if you are overweight.
Eat it if you have diabetes, it is as good as cucumber for your diet. These two vegetables are very low in calories, so they could be wonderful snacks too!


  1. FarmSchooler says

    Just a note….I dont like raw radishes. But i LOVE radishes fried in butter :o) Takes the hot right out of them. And radish greens are awesome chopped and tossed into a savory pot of potato soup….of course you can toss the green in with the fried rots too. I have a BUNCH of them planted this year….will harvest daily for a couple of months Im sure :o)

  2. says

    Wow, thanks for the info Zerrin. We eat a lot of radish here – nice to know it’s actually doing some good to our bodies too! :)

  3. says

    I need a vegetable that will help to alleviate my stress…I’m going to look for these at the farmer’s market on Saturday. Thank you for sharing yourself and your creative eats with me week after week. This is a place where I come to feel love and inspiration. You are a blessing. Have a wonderful Friday!

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