Beetroot Pickle Recipe

Beetroot Pickle

In Turkish recipes, we have pickles as a side dish for most of meals. And in Autumn, people prepare a variety of pickles for Winter. But this delicious beetroot pickles can also be prepared in Winter. It’s very easy and most importantly, you don’t need to wait for some weeks to eat it. It’ll be ready just in one day. Can you feel its taste? It goes very well with especially wheat (bulgur)pilaf. Dip your spoon fisrt to this pilaf and then a bowl of beetroot pickles.

Pancar Tursusu

•    3 middle size beetroots
•    1 big lemon
•    5 garlic cloves, 1 of them smashed
•    1 tbsp salt
•    ½ small cup vinegar
•    Water

Put the beetroots (don’t peel them now) in a pressure cooker and boil them half an hour until they get soft (like boiled potatoes).

Now you can peel the beetroots very thin. Chop them how you wish, but they shouldn’t be too small. Put them in a big jar or in a pot.

Now add garlic, salt, vinegar and lemon juice in the purple water in the pressure cooker.

Then pour this water into the jar. The level of the water should pass over the beetroots. If that water is not enough, you can add some hot water. And put the lid on.

That’s it! You can eat this beetroot pickles and drink its juice the following day.

Beetroot Pickle


  1. Colleen Brown says

    I love beetroot and have enjoyed them my whole life. I have been wanting to pickle my own and will try this recipe. Thank you for sharing!

  2. says

    This pickle is my favorite version of beetroot. I hope you like it. And will be glad if you share the result.

  3. says

    Danielle – You’re right, I was also surprised when I learnt these are beetroots. I thought they were turnips, but the salesman showed me some different species of beetroots and this was one of them. Their inside is pink. I couldn’t differentiate them until he gave me a short conference :)

  4. Gloria in Western Canada says

    Guess it’s time I get a pressure cooker. Interesting recipe Zerrin. Thank you for sharing.


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