Bad News For Anamur Banana

Bad News For Anamur Banana |

More than 1000 tons of bananas in Anamur were badly effected by southwest wind, which has lead to a fall in banana prices.

Anamur is a small city located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is the most popular region in Turkey where banana is grown. Anamur banana is smaller than bananas imported from other countries, and it has a much better flavor with its strong smell.

It is reported that banana producers in Anamur are having difficult times due to the southwest wind which stroke the city some time ago. The chairman of Banana Growers Association, Niyazi Sinanoglu explained that greenhouses where bananas are grown must be ventilated daily. He said “The southwest wind unfortunately entered most of these greenhouses through ventilating windows and this caused humidity problem and chapped banana skins, which means an apperantly lower quality as a result.”

Banana prices before the southwest wind was about 1,2 TL per kilo while it has fallen to 50 kurus (less than the half of former price) due to quality loss. Sinanoglu said that this has doubled the problems of producers.

The chairman declared that not to damage their fame, they haven’t been selling these bananas to marketeers who will resell them to consumers since the southwest wind effect. They have been selling their products only to food companies.

He highlighted that authorities must support banana producers to solve this problem.


  1. says

    I always feel so sorry for the farmers’ when something like this happens. It is a very difficult livelihood when you are at the whim of mother nature. I hope they are able to get support. I haven’t heard of these bananas but they sound delicious.

    • says

      Nature sometimes reminds us how powerful it is and how small creatures we are. When something happens, farmers feel like all their effort through the year is in vain. Hope this won’t happen to banana producers again.

  2. says

    That is so sad! There has been extreme weather effecting just about every continent and it’s sometimes frightening to think what the impact is going to be on food supplies as well as economies!

  3. says

    Nature is ferocious to farmers isn’t it. We here in Australia have had massive losses in our crops as well with the floods. Hope things pick up for your banana industry soon.

  4. says

    I always learn something new by visiting your blog. I’ve never heard of the Anamur banana – Cavendish being the banana of choice here. Here’s to gentler winds in Anamur!

  5. Kate @ says

    I feel for the farmers :( I buy as much as I can from our local farmers …. they put in so much work and then something like this happens… I hope that the government’s plan is the right thing to do.

  6. megi says

    I feel so sorry for those farmers, I like to buy local and when possible we pick our own fruit and vegetables, so I witness first hand how difficult certain seasons can be. I vividly remember the aroma of Anamur bananas! Great post as always.


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