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Artichoke is a flower bud which is immature. If it grows and gets mature, it turns into a purple flower. However, it helps our health when eaten immature. There is a feathery texture in the core of it, which is not loved by many people. This is the part which turns into flower. When all leaves and this feathery part are removed, you reach the heart of artichoke, which is the most precious part of it. Another great thing about artichoke is that it is not a high calorie vegetable and it contains potassium, vitamin C, magnesium and fiber.

The benefits of artichoke are as follows:
It helps throwing cholesterol from body by supporting bile secretion in liver and it reduces the amount of cholesterol produced by liver. Artichoke is said to protect liver from infections and toxin. As liver is considered as the cleaner of body, this vegetable is of great importance for body.

It is also said that artichoke leaves reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It is found out that artichoke leaves extract has positive effects on treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.

Artichoke leaves also have a curative effect on dyspepsia, which develops with indigestion and stomachache. This disease is generally caused when the amount of bile from gallbladder is not enough. Researches show that artichoke leaves extract helps this bile.

Artichoke is a great supporter for people with diabetes as it balances blood sugar. To get this benefit, it should be eaten fresh though.

You can find the recipe of Artichoke With Veggies here.

And would love to hear your favorite recipe for artichoke.


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