Apricot For Skin

Apricot For Skin | giverecipe.com

Apricot is one of favorite fruits of summer as it is both sweet and refreshing. It is mostly famous for its help to digestion, but this is not the only benefit of it.

Besides easing digestion system when eaten after meals, apricot is an iron rich fruit.

Also, as it contains magnesium, calcium, sulphur, copper, chrome and mangenese minerals, apricot makes your skin healthy and gives brightness to it when you eat enough apricot. You can even prepare a beauty mask with it for your face.

As a suggestion for using it in your dishes, add it to your cakes or salads to give them a nice color and flavor. A mixture of plain yogurt and apricot makes a great summer dessert too!


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    Now I have an excuse to go and pick up one of my favorite fruits…I love apricots! Thank you for sharing with me today, sweet friend. I hope you had a nice week, and I wish you an ever better weekend. Happy eating!

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    Had no idea that they were good for the skin! Will definitely get some next time in the market !

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    I love apricots, and so does Tiffany. I don’t think we ever went to the market and didn’t buy any.
    Now we have another reason to eat these refreshing fruits: makes your sin looks better!

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