Add Green Pepper To Your Diet

Add Green Pepper To Your Diet |

You should add green pepper to your diet as it contains vitamin C and high amount of fiber. You can use it in salads and stews or eat it roasted as a side dish.

Some health benefits of green pepper are as follows:
It has an anti aging effect due to antioxidant vitamins it contains, protects body against infections and it cleans body.
It is said to be against cancer.
It strengthens immune system.
With its high amount of fiber, it reduces the problem of constipation.
It helps you lose weight as it makes you feel full when eaten raw in salads.
Vitamins A and C are good for eye health.

A few suggestions to have green pepper:
Have it at breakfast raw or roasted pairing with chopped tomatoes and cucumber besides other breakfast foods.
Cook menemen with green pepper and tomatoes and have it as breakfast or lunch. Menemen is a pretty healthy dish with a good amount of tomatoes, green peppers and eggs.
Make stuffed green bell pepper with little ground beef and bulgur (or rice). You have a balanced meal with protein and carbohydrate in this way.
Increase the amount of fiber you get by adding green pepper into your salads or other dishes.
Roast it if you have problems with your stomach. Don’t prefer frying green pepper as frying is a method which burns oil and causes cancer, diabetes or heart disease.
You can both double the amount of vitamin C you get and make it more appealing when you have it with a few lemon drops.

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