A Revolution To Harvest Tea

A Revolution To Harvest Tea | giverecipe.com

An iron craftsman in Rize invented a machine which works with gasoline and harvests 250 kilo tea leaves per hour.

Harvesting tea makes the income of about 200.000 families in Eastern Black Sea Region. Mostly women work at tea fields, which are rough and make it difficult to work. It also takes a great deal of time to harvest tea. Suat Hayri Caliskan, a talented iron craftsman in Rize had a revolutionary invention for harvesting tea leaves. He said that he worked on this project for 15 years. He has had 4 inventions until today and he got patents for these. He calls his last invention for harvesting tea “Revolution 2011” (Devrim 2011).

He stated that big scissors are used to harvest tea and they require muscle strength. And he told the story of his invention: “I got married in 1993 and my wife would work in tea fields to pick tea leaves. She would sometimes take our children there and they would sleep there. I would work in a tea factory, so I couldn’t help her then. She was able to harvest 15 tons of tea leaves on her own annually. I witnessed the difficulties she had and decided to work on a machine to pick tea leaves easier in 1996. I have developed about 20 different machines for this. I procured a patent  for four of them. However, none of these machines could meet my expectations. Then I kept working on this project and finally I was able to invent the machine I was dreaming about. It is so practical and easy to carry. It works with gasoline and picks tea leaves easier.”

He said that to harvest tea, people will carry its small fuel tank and engine on their back and they will have its scissors and bag for storing tea leaves in their hands. He added that it is also possible to adjust its speed with a button.

The inventor stated that a woman can easily use this machine to harvest tea whole day. It is very easy to use, you just hold it over tea leaves. You can pick about 250 kilo tea leaves a day with regular scissors while you can pick the same amount just in an hour.

When we consider women working in these severe conditions, this machine could be a wonderful solution for them in future.

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  1. Gloria in Western Canada says

    On first blush this looks like a dream come true but then I got to the part where it states this machine is gasoline powered. What will breathing in gasoline fumes do to the health of these women? Hopefully he keeps working on this and comes up with a variant that uses an alternative fuel source, say used cooking oil. Solar would be ideal but likely impossible. Another interesting post Zerrin. Thank you.

    • says

      You are absolutely right! I couldn’t think of that downside of this machine. Wish there was a solar powered one, but sun barely appears there.

  2. says

    Great post Zerrin. And it would be great if the guy could develop his machine further so that it’s more healthy for the women. It’s our ambition to make it to Rize and other Black Sea areas one day… :)

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