Turkish Dumplings Manti

Turkish #Dumplings #Manti

Dumplings in Turkish are called manti and it’s one of those dishes everyone craves for every time. It’s not an easy dish for many people, so people may not prefer making it at home. I learnt the recipe of Kirghiz Manti from a Kirghiz friend and it looks like it is easier to make as […]

2 Ways of Eating Fava Beans

2 Ways of Eating #Fava Beans1 | www.giverecipe.com

Fresh fava beans are kind of veggies you either hate or love. Honestly, as a kid, I used to eat fava beans just to make mom happy. I couldn’t see any point in loving these fuzzy beans and their smell when cooking was unbearable! “How can mom and dad eat it so heartily?”, I used […]