Wedding And Feast Season

Wedding And Feast Season |

Wedding season has already started here! Couples prefer to have their weddings when it gets warmer to enjoy it outdoors. They hire a place for their wedding which takes all the responsibility for what is needed in a wedding if they live in big cities. However, weddings are more traditional in small cities and towns […]

Wheat Pilaf

Wheat Pilaf |

This is another dish reminding me of my childhood. This pilaf is made from peeled wheat and there is a traditional way of grinding wheat, which starts the relation with my childhood. We used to visit my grandma living in the country every summer. As a child one of the things I loved there most […]


Keskek |

Keşkek is a special name of a traditional wedding dish. It is mostly made in Central Anatolia and Agean region of Turkey. Weddings in these places last a few days and during this time,  various dishes are served in front of bride’s or groom’s home. The wedding traditions may differ in regions but food serving […]

A Wedding Dish

A Wedding Dish

In Turkish culture, it is a common custom to cook and serve some dishes in the concept of a traditional wedding ceremony. This old tradition still exists in especially our villages. The wedding hosts prepare some special dishes and serve them to their guests on the wedding day. As Turkish people love helping each other, […]