Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea | giverecipe.com

Are you tired? Do you fill uncomfortably full? Do you have guests? Brew some Turkish tea! Turkish tea has such a great role in our life that even a day without tea is impossible for us. We start our day not with coffee, absolutely with a glass of newly brewed tea which has a tempting […]

Semolina Halvah II

Semolina Halvah II | giverecipe.com

Serving something sweet is a part of our tradition to celebrate festivals. The Feast Of  Sacrifice lasts 4 days and we are on the third day of it. We are happy that we have mom and dad with us during this festival. Mom made this semolina halvah yesterday to serve our guests. Lucky guests!

Spotted Hearts

Spotted Hearts | giverecipe.com

Last week was our final week with my students at school and before saying good bye to them, I wanted to make something sweet for them. This is not a usual habit of mine, but I enjoyed teaching those students much, so I think these sweet spotted hearts would be the best gift for my […]