A Traditional Drink Salgam

A Traditional Drink Salgam | giverecipe.com

You know we were in my hometown a week ago and we had many delicious foods there. As I told you, I’d like to continue sharing what we had and introducing foods of the region there. I told about Adana kebab in yesterday’s post, so I must go on with şalgam in this post as […]

Drinking House Pilaf Recipe(Meyhane Pilavı Tarifi)

Drinking House Pilaf

This pilaf is mainly served in Turkish drinking houses with raki, which is the traditional Turkish alcoholic drink. That’s why its name is drinking house pilaf (meyhane pilavı). However, it is also a very common pilaf cooked in any Turkish home. This pilaf is eaten as a side dish, generally with kidney peas or chickpeas.