Happy Republic Day to Turkey

Happy Republic Day to Turkey | giverecipe.com

89th Anniversary of Republic of Turkey Today is the 89th anniversary of the foundation of Republic of Turkey! It is celebrated by Turkish people with a big excitement all around the country. The commemoration started at 10 am in my hometwon. There was a great official parade on the biggest street of Eskisehir. Let me share […]

Why Travel To Turkey

Why Travel To Turkey | giverecipe.com

Turkey as a holiday destination You know Turkey is a very popular holiday destination. Milions of tourists visit Turkey every year especially in summer. People choose to take their holidays here for many reasons perhaps because of the stunning beaches, the weather or the sightseeing opportunities. Also, if you compare the cost of holidays to […]

Powerful Earthquake In Turkey

Powerful Earthquake In Turkey | giverecipe.com

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake  struck Van, a province at southeast region of Turkey at 1:41pm today. The final reports have said that it killed at least 85 people, hundreds of injured people are being treated at hospitals and there are many people under collapsed buildings. It’s hard to find words to describe this pain! One of […]

Potato Seller

Potato Seller | giverecipe.com

Anyone needs potatoes or onions? You don’t have to go to market here to buy these! The only thing you need to do is to be awake every time not to miss the potato seller passing by your home. Who is called potato seller? A person (or a team of 2-3 people) who sells his […]

Garlic Prices Soar In Turkey

Garlic Prices Soar In Turkey | giverecipe.com

The prices of local garlic and imported garlic in Turkey have surprisingly become so close to each other. Local garlic costs 9 TL while the imported one costs 10 TL. It is reported from Antalya, which is the central growth area of garlic in Turkey, that growers can’t make money this year because of a […]