Happy Republic Day to Turkey

Happy Republic Day to Turkey | giverecipe.com

89th Anniversary of Republic of Turkey Today is the 89th anniversary of the foundation of Republic of Turkey! It is celebrated by Turkish people with a big excitement all around the country. The commemoration started at 10 am in my hometwon. There was a great official parade on the biggest street of Eskisehir. Let me share… 

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Powerful Earthquake In Turkey

Powerful Earthquake In Turkey | giverecipe.com

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake  struck Van, a province at southeast region of Turkey at 1:41pm today. The final reports have said that it killed at least 85 people, hundreds of injured people are being treated at hospitals and there are many people under collapsed buildings. It’s hard to find words to describe this pain! One of… 

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Dining Invitations Of Ataturk Published Into A Book

Dining Invitations Of Ataturk Published Into A Book | giverecipe.com

Have you ever heard this name, Ataturk? His full name is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He is the founder of Turkish Republic. When Ottoman Empire was about to end, people living on this land were so helpless and hopeless about their future. Big countries were making plans to share its land. It was so clear that… 

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