An Enigmatic Tea

An Enigmatic Tea |

Look at this tea! And tell me what you see? Anything extraordinary? Dad always loves to surprise me in different ways. We went to a coffee house last weekend to have tea and simit as breakfast. When I was taking pictures of Turkish tea (you can see it in my last post), he called the […]

Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea |

Are you tired? Do you fill uncomfortably full? Do you have guests? Brew some Turkish tea! Turkish tea has such a great role in our life that even a day without tea is impossible for us. We start our day not with coffee, absolutely with a glass of newly brewed tea which has a tempting […]

Carob Tea

Carob Tea |

Keciboynuzu Cayi Are you familiar with the unique plant, carob? It is mostly grown in Mediterranian regions. You know I used to live in Tarsus, a city of Mersin, which locates in Mediterranian region of Turkey. I remember the first time I met with carob as a child when I visited my grandparents. There was […]