Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse |

I had such a tiring day today at school. I had so many works to do, but little time. Today was one of the days that I wish it was possible to be cloned. One of me would prepare lesson plans while the other me would prepare exam questions or check students’ papers or do […]


Cezerye |

Okay, this is not something I made. And this will not be a post in which I give a recipe. It will be a kind of description post. As I am from Tarsus, a small town in Mersin, a Southern city of Turkey, it is a must for me to tell about this amazing sweet […]


Revani |

Revani is a tasty semolina dessert in Turkish cuisine and it must be included in the recipes of my blog, but I want to tell a bit about our vacation first. You might be disappointed when you see we didn’t have food pictures during our vacation. I must admit that I just didn’t feel like […]