Celery Root Stew

Celery Root Stew | giverecipe.com

Many people find the scent of celery nasty, but it gives me such a great appetite that I am easily tempted by fresh celery at market. I shared two recipes of celery root before: Celeriac With Quince and Celery Root Salad. And today I will share a stew of it I learnt from a friend […]

Meatballs Stew With Vegetables

Meatballs Stew With Vegetables | giverecipe.com

I’m not sure if this dish already exists in Turkish cuisine, it just came out when I wanted to use some leftovers. I made stuffed zucchinis the other day (with less bulgur, more ground beef this time), and I still had a lot of filling at the end. I put it in the refrigerator to […]